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Eclair is a peaceful, nature lover who loves amongst the forest and appreciates every little thing she comes by. But if you dare threaten nature within earshot, prepare to receive a kick to the face!

Basic Stats

Currently Eclair is a 20 year old, born in the Mystic Ruins Forest on April 12, where she currently resides. Though she has no problem just randomly camping out in other towns or forests. Often she will make trips to the normal ruins/Mountain side of Mystic Ruins.

Eclair is on the Good/Hero side for obvious reasons and uses the power of Nature to help her defend the forest she loves so much. Though she never tries to force others to feel the same way she does and uses her powers just for the sake of good.


  • Possibly due to her species usual nimble-ness, Eclair is flexible and pretty graceful on her toes.
  • As stated, she has nature based elemental abilities
  • She can make clothing, as well as weapons from the natural elements


  • Acorn explosion: Shoots multiple colored balls of light shaped as acorns. (This ability also works well WITH actual acorns.)
  • Poppy: Lays down yellow flowers that explode when stepped on, or by. Like a mine trap.
  • Tangle: Vines shoot from the ground and as the name implies, tangles the target.


  • Her overall peaceful nature is considered this by most...
  • She's kind of ditzy/air-headed
  • Sucks with technology or electronics
  • She's weak when it comes to physical abilities in general


As she loves nature and everything representing it. Eclair enjoys flower based activities and is usually seen to be pressing flowers for her book, making art from raw ingredients, and maybe flower crowns and chains. She loves to teach others about these types of crafts too!

Eclair also makes little accessories or jewelry pieces with the stones she manages to find, or even little pieces of clay like substances.


Eclair is a very calm ferret who is very warm and friendly to everyone around her, even offering a bandage to the enemy if they are hurt. She only shows her other side when the environment she loves is in danger: a kick-butt no mercy take no prisoners girl who will stop at nothing until the person harming her land runs away with their tail between their legs!

Other than that, she is a very open and sweet girl who adores peaceful things more than all else. She often admits to not be very smart, but she doesn't seem to care about it.


  • Climbing vines of Ivy
  • Healthy plants
  • Sunshine
  • Favorite foods include: Breadfruit, healthy foods, juice


  • Abusive people of all types
  • Storms and other bad weather
  • Pollution
  • Generally rude people.
  • Hated foods include: Sour, bitter, or spicy foods, Coffee, too much sugar.


Eclair's fur is a very light gray-brown color, her skin is white grayish in color but this is only her muzzle and inside her ears. Over her eyes, ears, finger tips and tail are markings of dark gray. Her eyes are a golden yellow color. Eclairs hair is a light mixture of purple and blue, its a bit messy as evident by her bangs and overall appearance. She has shoulder length side parts of hair that aren't as messy however.

Her outfit consist of bright green colors. It starts with a big heart shape over her chest, attached to it, folding around her behind and back area is a green dress. At the top, connected to the heart are vine shaped sleeve pieces wrapping around her arms. On her feet are small green slip on shoes. Also to note is the heart ankle bracelet worn on her right ankle.


Eclair was little when she lost her family to dangerous people. They were trying to protect her homeland and because of this, she has made herself responsible for its safety and protection. Eclair makes it clear that, like her parents, she is always ready to die protecting it.


  • As shown by her image above, her hair was originally a dark shade of yellow.
  • Despite being a ferret her patterns are closer to that of a raccoon or lemur.


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