Echo the Cat

Echo Season 1

Biographical Information
Age  11    
  • Echo
  • Girl
  • Sweetie
Relatives Unnamed Parents, Fate the Cat
Romantic Interest(s)

Zapor the Hedgehog

Physical Description
Species Mobian/Cat
Gender Female
  • Fur: Yellow
  • Eyes: Red
  • Hair: Yellow
  • Childish Outfit
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliation Good
Weaponry Deck of Cards
  • Magic
  • Card Use
  • Slide Upgrade
Other Information
Japanese V.A. Ikue Otani
American V.A. Jessica DiCicco
Theme Song(s)
  • Biggest Dreamer
  • This will be the Day
Original Creator Neoexlucky

Echo is an 11 year old cat. She is the daughter of unknown parents and the sister of Fate the Cat. Echo  She was created by NeoExlucky.

She is a main character in the Tales of the Echo series.


Echo is a short, 8-year old girl. She is fairly thin and not very strong. She has yellow fur and red eyes. She normally wears a grey and white stripped sweater and white jeans with matching shoes. She also wears a pair of fingerless brown gloves.


Echo is very bright and bubblely, wanting the best for her friends and family. She believes in doing the right thing and can easily be swaded by older people around him. She is a little childish and if told she is doing the right thing by and older adult, she will believe. Echo can be a little naive at times, but she normally always has the best interests for herself and for her friends.


Echo was born to two unnamed parents in Grand Metropolis. Until the age of 8 Echo was raised like a normal child with magic, being taught how to control her power and how to channel it into weapons.For the most part she was raised fine, until at some point, Fate and Echo fled the city and wound up in Station Square. The two are very quiet on the details there, and as such very little little is known about what happened there. 


Echo is able to gain her power from a deck of cards that she carries around. Echo seems to carry around a certain amount of cards that each are in a suit. Each card is in a suit of five suits. Hearts, Spades, Clover (Clubs), Diamonds, and a Cross. Each suit allows her to use a different ability in that suit. However for the cross cards she only has to slide the cards through a pendulum for them to upgrade her allies, in a sort of temporary evolution.


The Hearts cards seem to have to do with protection and healing. These cards don't seem to be able to do damage.

Heart Heal

An ability that let's Echo heal the wounds of an ally. The card can only miss if another force is acting on the ally.


The spade suit seems to surround itself with magical abilities. From casting a lightning spell to throwing a magic card this suit has great magical strength.

Spade Strike

Echo's card glows blue and is thrown at an enemy, hitting them with magical Damage.

Clover (Clubs)

The clover cards seem to focus on physical powers that can make an object be slashed in half by the card.

Clover Cleave

Allows Echo to slash right through someone with the card seemingly as strong as a sword.


This suit focuses on special powers such as the powers of heart, spiritual, and other odd powers.

Diamond Rush

The card glows yellow and breaks into five pieces, attacking an enemy with each piece acting like shrapnel.


The Cross suit allows Echo to upgrade an ally, from giving them a brand new power to refreshing their energy, this suit is unpredictable.

Cross Butterfly

Allows the ally affected to gain butterfly wings and fly for a short time.

Cross Energy

Allows an ally to gain newfound strength and recover energy lost from battle.

Cross Fist

Grants an ally extra strength in one of their hands. That hand also doubles in size.

Cross Zap

An ability that allows Echo to absorb the energy of those she chooses, but they must be focused on something else for it to work.

Special Abilities

Except for the ability to perform magic attacks with some of her cards, there isn't many special abilities that Echo has.


Echo can fall from tall distances with little to no injury due to her cat reflexes.



Echo isn't very strong and is quite fragile for her age.


While Echo is pretty accurate with her card throwing, if the enemy is to far away, she won't be able to hit them.

Project Moveset

The project is an abomination to society, created through the blood of used mobians who were forced to die so that the Project could be created perfectly. The most perfect of projects had the most deaths, and those are the ones who make sure those lives are not put to waste.The project uses cards of desinged power to fight their enemies. Often they learn to count cards and rely on using this ability to summon whatever card they need. The true power of the Project though, comes from their Full Potential, a card they can pull to become the monster they were designed to be, for just a few moments. A lot can happen in those moments though and with an unlimited number of abilities they can use in those moments, they can destroy their oppoenent in a matter of seconds. The project was created in blood, to draw more blood, they live in an endless cycle of death, for all of eternity.

More coming soon...

Theme Song

"This will be the day" By rooster teeth RWBY

"This will be the day" By rooster teeth RWBY


"I hope we'll be okay."

"Let's get ready to go!"

"I didin't do so well." -Getting an F rank.

"I think I should use an Upgrade card..." -Getting a D rank.

"That's good...I think...." -Getting a C rank.

"Really good guys!" -Getting a B rank.

  • Giggles* -Getting an A rank.
  • Uses a card to grow butterfly wings, flys in a circle, and lands in front of the camera. "I did amazing!" -Getting an S rank.
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