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Echo is a white hedgehog with green strips on his spines, He often wears shoes that look similar to Sonic's shoes but that recolored green and have yellow buttons on the top,He has purple gloves and black wrist rings, His eyes are to different colors one being yellow and another being black.


Echo has a edgy and bad boy attitude, He talks trash all the time and is rude to most people for no reason other than to look cool, He is often violent and murderous to anyone who goes against him, But at times he switches to a more kind hearted personality having sympathy for people he has wronged in the past.


Echo use to live with his to grand parents Nica and Null and often played with his brother Cole, Null wanted Echo to grow up to be a solider like himself, While Nica wanted him to have a more peaceful life, One night he was possessed by a demon and a angel at the same time when playing with a weegee board with his brother (Cole) This gave him the powers of both light and dark, While his brother was given the powers of fire and ice, Both Echo and Cole keep there powers a secret to there grand parents, When Echo grew up he couldn't find employment any where he wanted to join the military and become a solider like his grand father, But one day he meets this blue hedgehog name Sonic, Him and Sonic become close friends, He than finds out that Sonic is apart of a team name (Team Sonic), Asks Sonic if he could join even revealing his powers to him and Sonic kindly says yes, But he is later kicked out the team for being to violent and attempting to kill Eggman to many times.

But later he finds out his grand father has formed a group of freedom fighters name the (Null force), He joins his military and ranks his way up quickly and later becomes his grand father's second best mercenary (Next to his brother Cole) Because of this he becomes bitter of to his brother, They have a long fight but it is interrupted by there grand father, Now him and his brother Cole are racing to see who becomes the best solider in the null force while somethings helping each other to fight the vaul cult (The enemy of the Null force)

Powers and Techniques

  • Is trained and uses a lot of martial arts in combat such as karate|Muay Thai|Krav Maga|Kick boxing|Judo|
  • Can shot a blast of energy which has 2 versions,the dark version and the Light version the light version is faster than the dark version but does less damage, The dark version goes slower but it does more damage an is very painful
  • Turn his fist into dark flames or light flames,The light flames to punch faster, But the dark flames do more damage.
  • Can heal people using his light energy, Can drain people's energy energy
  • Can do a flying punch which is a move he made up.


  • Is very slow and can be attacked easily because of that
  • Is edgy attitude can often be his down fall
  • He often uses his demon side in which makes him extra slow
  • His powers can be removed if he fights someone who knows a lot about the super natural he learned that when he fought a vaul cult member