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Echo: Stroke of Midnight, is a fan game, made my Sonic Team, NeoExlucky, and the Dream high, the company who produces Tales of the Echo. SoM is an action/adventure/platformer/puzzle game. The game is rated T for Violence, Crude humor, Mild language, Graphic scenes and alchohal use. The game stars many characters from the show, including the playable characters: Neo, Zero, Leah, Echo, Masako, Zapor, Warlock, and Ellie. They are also accompanied by many other characters who can be played in 2 player coopertive story mode and many more in Online Mode.


"Good and Evil, Serene or Chaotic, what does it matter? Power is always corrosive. It takes just one little snap, and the world is sent in turmoil. It'd be best if no one had power, than to let those with good intentions have it. Even the most evil and selfish of people once had noble intentions." -Time Spinner

The world of Mobius is a harsh mistress. Evil roams free and strikes at every chance it can get. In fact if it wasn't for the heroes of the world, Mobius would be destroyed. In fact, what would happen if the heroes of Mobius never existed? If Sonic and company were turned evil, killed, or ceased to exist? If the world that we hold so dear just decided to flip the paradigm and allow evil to rule?

A grand battle stands in San Francisco Zone. Our heroes are fighting minions of the evil Dr. Eggman, when something strange happens. A sonic boom goes off, a bomb that had been planted in the city explodes, and almost everyone dies, or would die. Miraculously the bomb is transported somewhere, along with the explosion and many of our heroes. When they awaken they find themselves in an odd land. They don't know where most of the others are and for some reason, many of their friends are wanted, or are fighting them. What has become of Mobius? Where are they? What has become of their friends?


Playable characters

Neo Tranquil the Fox

Ages Tranquil the Fox

Zero Evol

Leah the Chao-born

Masako Haruno

Rose Hellsing



Echo the Cat


Ellie the Bunny

Cyclone the Hedgehog

Irma the Hedgehog

Nikkel "Nikki" the hedgehog

Starlight the Hedgehog



Shadow the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Cream the Rabbit

Metal Sonic

Millie the Mouse

Fury the blue jay

Silver the Hedgehog

Blaze the Cat

Aselia the Unicorn


The Underground Monarchy

Shadow the Hedgehog

Character Stories


Once story mode is selected, the game will take you to a new broadcast informing that there is a large battle going on in the middle of San Fransico.

Cutscene 1

Broadcaster: Breaking News, at about 3:25 PM today, the evil engineer, Dr. Ivo Robotnik, invaded the city trying to steal a rare jewel known as the Spark Stone. As soon as he got his hands on the jewel, the heroes known as Masako Haruno, Rose Hellsing, Fate and Echo the Cats, a member the church guilds, and many other heroes arrived at the scene and are fighting Dr. Robotnik as we speak. There seems to be mass energy readings coming from the spark stone as it the battle is going on. More on the story as time goes...back to...

The scene fades and re opens to Neo and Ages running on top of the buildings of the city.

Neo: Come on Ages, we have to hurry!

Ages: I'm coming, just give me a minute.

Cutscene end

Stage 0: Tower heights

"Race to battle, and take care of eggman!"

Once the cutscene is over, the first level will begin with the first player, playing as Neo, and if a second player is present, he/she will be playing as Ages. The game will teach the players how to move around the game using the different controls based on the platform they are playing on. The player is taught how to jump, double jump, and fight as they move. They will fight five beetle bots as they stop on on rooftop and continute on. As they reach the end of the level, they will find a large goal ring for them to enter and will be able to pass through to clear the stage, after which a cutscene will play out once more.

Cutscene 2

Neo and Ages jump off the building and land in a middle of a fight, with Leah and Zero right next to them, Zapor and Zak behind them, and Masako in front of them.

Leah: Nice of you to arrive...

Neo: We got held up, okay?

Zero: So did I, but I got here on time.

Leah: Oh shut up...

As Leah finishes her line, Eggman appears on his ship and speaks.

Eggman: Oh, if only I had known you were going to stop by, I would have got something ready for you, oh but I guess you'll just have to play with this.

A large robot, holding the spark stone in his chest appears on the ground, complete with cannons on his back and two large rods in his hands that are sparking with power.

Zapor: Oh yeah! Now we get to have some fun!

As Zapor finishes his line the character select screen opens up and lets the player pick between Neo, Ages, Masako, Rose, Zapor, Zak, Leah, or Zero to play as. If a second player is present he/she will get to pick a character after the first player but they cannot be the same character as player 1.

Boss Battle: Spark bot

Depending on who the player picked to play as will change how this battle works out. If the 1p chose Neo, Masako, Zapor, or Zero, they will be fighting the robot from the front and will be trying to break the glass that holds the spark stone. If they chose any of the other characters, they will be trying to attack the back of the robot and disable the mechinisim.

Cutscene 3

No matter who was chosen, the battle with end with Neo breaking the glass with his dagger and stabbing the stone as he stabs the stone, Neo is thrown back and the robot explodes causing a large amount of energy to cluster. Rose is the first to speak.

Rose: It's going to-

During mid sentence the stone explodes in a powerful burst, sending blue waves everywhere, as the characters are thrown in mid air, everything slows down and the stone blinks twice, sending them somewhere else. A clear screen appear and the tutorial will end. The player will be brought back to the story selelct screen with three new stories to choose from.

Neo & Ages

(Unlocked after finishing Tutorial)

After selecting Neo and Ages' story  prompt will come up and allow the 1st player to chose if they want to play as Neo or Ages. Whoever they don't pick, the 2nd player will play as, if there is one. If there isn't a 2nd player an AI will control the other character.

Cutscene 4

Neo and Ages awake in a back alley, they look around, but can't figure out where exactly they are. They are in some sort of city, but the buildings look different, there are very few people outside, and it is night.

Neo: Well, what the hell just happened?

Ages: That's a good question...let's see...we fought Eggman's broke the case that held the spark stone...and looked like it kind of exploded. Yet there doesn't seem to be any sign of damage. I can't figure it out.

Neo: Well...I guess the best thing for us to do is look around.

Ages: Where is everyone else? What about them?

Neo: I'm sure if we're fine then there fine. Maybe we can find them with our look around.

Ages: Maybe your right...but let's do it quietly. This place gives me the creeps.

Stage 01: Dark Night 
FL Studio - Sneaking Music (Electronic Orchestral)

FL Studio - Sneaking Music (Electronic Orchestral)

Stage 01's theme

"Explore the area, with caution!"

The stage opens with Neo and Ages running through an alleyway. The name of the game in this stage is stealth. Your job is to get to the end of the stage without being caught, Luckily Neo has many stealth abilites at his side, and all of Ages attacks are silent. Many players can walk through the dark alleyways, but it is possible to run on top of the buildings to get to the end. You can also try going through the streets by staying in dark places and knocking people out as the pass you. Getting caught will not automatically take a life, instead then your job is to knock the person out before they raise the alarm. If they do raise the alarm then you will have to run from an unbeatable robot, who runs faster than both Neo and Ages at this point. At the end of a few roads, will be a goal ring which the player will have to get to in order for them to clear the stage, afterwhich another cutscene will take place.

Cutscene 5

The boys are standing on a rooftop, Ages is pacing around and Neo is staring down at the city, looking around.

Ages: Did you find anything?

Neo: Nope, no sign of anyone else so far.

Ages: You think they're still back where we were? Maybe they didn't end up...wherever we are.

Neo: Don't know. Maybe your right. Zapor would have already blown something up by now if he was here. Maybe they got caught by someone? No...that doesn't make any sense, very few of them would get caught...

Ages: So where are they?

Neo: I don't know!

Ages: *Sighs*


Ages: Where are we anyway, did the spark stone take us here?

Neo:: Probably...maybe...I don't know. We can't just sit around and hope someone tells us! *Stands up.*

Ages: So what do you want to do? Break into a store so we can look at a calender?

Neo: You saw those bots, right? They'll kill us if they find us. Breaking into a store is...actually that's what we need.

Ages: Huh?

Neo: If we make it seem like we're breaking into a store, all the bots would go over there to control the area, right?

Ages: Right...then we can sneak into another store and find...wait...what if one of us gets caught? We can't just-

During mid sentence there is a rumbling around the area, the camera pans to where Neo is looking and an explosion is made, with many robots heading over there.

Neo: There's our cue, let's go!

Ages: But what if that's...

Neo: Come on, lets go!

Neo jumps off the building, and Ages follows.

Stage 02: Building break-in   
Hard Space Techno - Space battle

Hard Space Techno - Space battle

Stage 02's theme

"Get to the building at the end of the stage!"

As the level starts Neo will be cued to speak.

Neo: While we were up there, I saw a really important looking building down the road, we just need to get there.

The level is missing many of its hazards from before, but is instead filled with many gaping chasms and platforms. Beetle bots, turrents, and E-100 robots can be found and they will try and attack Neo and Ages. The goal of this level is just to make it to the end. Neo and Ages can find their first stone in this level that will give Neo the ability to use his boucy soles, so he can jump higher. Ages can also get a stone in this level, but it's hidden. His stone gives him a hover anklet which lets him double jump.  At the end of the stage you will have to find a way to break into the building, since the lock can't be picked. There is a key pad near the building that Neo can hack. If he is being played as, Neo will start up a hacking mini-game. If Ages is being played as, then he can use his tracking sense to find a key outside the building, either way the door will open and the two can get to the goal ring. As they get into a building another cutscene will start.

Cutscene 6

As they enter the building Neo and Ages start looking around.

Neo: Look for anything, a calender, a magazine, a-

Ages: Neo...come see this.

Neo walks over to Ages, who is holding a newspaper.

Neo: So what? It's just talking about some snowboard scandel.

Ages: No...the date....It says 2063....

Neo: So the stone took us 50 years in the future!

Ages: Not only that, but I think with all of us gone, Mobius didn't stand a chance against all the villians. It seems like theirs three countries at war.

Neo: What's the paper say? What are the countires.

Ages: You aren't going to believe this, but the countries are led by Eggman, Millie, and G.U.N.

Neo stares at the ground for a second before he slams his fist on a nearby counter.


Ages: Makes sense, doesn't it? I mean with no heroes, Mobius can't survive.

Neo: What about Sonic and the rest of them? Aren't they heroes?

Ages: Looks like Sonic was killed a long time ago. The calender says that egg day is a few days away and it celebrates the day Sonic was killed.

Neo: So who's left?

Ages:...It doesn't look like anyone's left...

Neo: we're all alone till we find one of the others. Peachy.

Ages:...we have one other option though. What about those detective guys...Chaotix or whatever...

Neo: Doubt there still in buisness if Eggman is running the country.

Ages: Worth a try though, right? The map here looks similar to San Fransico Zone. The building might still be here.

Neo: ...If you say so...

Stage 03: Running Relay

Full フル風 Luka Luka ★Night Fever ルカルカ★ナイトフィーバー Project DIVA Dreamy theater ドリーミーシアター English Romaji

Full フル風 Luka Luka ★Night Fever ルカルカ★ナイトフィーバー Project DIVA Dreamy theater ドリーミーシアター English Romaji

Stage 03's theme

"Find the Chaotix Detective Agency!"

As the level starts out the theme will begin to play in the background but there will be a cutscene that plays before the characters can be controlled.

Neo and Ages run outside the building only for a very large, bat-like shadow, to appear next to them.

Neo: Is that...uh ghost...

Ages: I don't know, but let's get out of here!

Both the boys will start to run from it and then the level will begin. This stage's gimmick is that Neo and Ages are always being chased. The bat ghost will follow Neo and Ages no matter where they go. Though the AI was programmed to follow Neo, so if they spilt up, the bat ghost will follow the first player no matter what. The stage is filled with many obstacles and very few enemies. There is a stone for Neo in this stage that can be acessed quite easily if Neo has the bouncy soles. They are located on top of a building that is covered in black market signs. The stone is the flame ring, a ring that let's Neo burn while he is rolling. At the end of the stage is a burned down building with a goal ring that once touched will clear the stage. After that a cutscene will be cued to start.

Cutscene 7

Neo: Crap! Dead end!

Ages: And here comes our little friend.

???: And I thought I was done with you boys.

Ages: Huh?

The bat ghost pulls off an odd cloak, revealing the ghost to be a much older version of rouge the bat.

Rouge: It's been quite the while since we've last seen each other.

Neo: Rouge, d-do you know where are friends are?

Rouge: You mean big blue or the little crowd you like to keep around?

Ages: Did...did Sonic...

Rouge: I'm afraid so. Almost everyone didn't make it. It's just me left. Well...there are a few others but they...aren't who they used to be...

Neo: Never mind that, where's like...Leah, or Zapor?

Rouge: Probably been captured by Eggman by now.

Neo: Then we have to rescue them.

Rouge: Ha! It was just a joke, they're probably just doing something else.

As they speak there is a black hedgehog that approaches the group.

Neo: What the hell is that?

Rouge: That's a shell! It's a robot that transmit video feed to Eggman!

Neo: Well then we have to destroy it.

Rouge: Are you crazy? That thing's about as bad as big blue was! You can't do it.

Neo: As long as I keep those I hold close in my thoughts, there's nothing I can't do.

Neo and Ages nod towards each other and run at the shell, drawing there weapons.

Boss Battle: Sonic Shell

The Sonic Shell is a very fast enemy that can do a tornado spin around the player and stun them. Neo's Grapple gun can slow it down, and so can Ages' water tide. Neo and Ages can easily take it down, especially if the player has the flame ring. Normally the best way to attack it is to use the homing attack, but if Neo has the flame ring, it will do double the damage to the robot. Either way the robot will end up defeated.

After the boss battle the next cutscene will play.

Cutscene 8

Neo and Ages turn towards Rouge whose standing there, clapping.

Rouge: I'm impressed boys. Listen, I'm not sure how to find your friends, but maybe if you look for-

???: Neo?

Neo and Ages turn around and standing right in front of them is Nikki and Starlight.

Neo: Nikki?

Once this story is complete the player will be taken back to the story select screen. A text prompt will be cued saying; "Congratulations, for beating Neo and Ages's stoy you have unlocked Nikki and Starlight's story!" They will then be able to pick Nikki and Starlight's story.

Masako & Rose

(Unlocked after finishing Tutorial)

After selecting Masako & Rose's story a prompt will come up allowing the first player to select a character. If a second player is playing, they will be able to play as whoever the first player didn't select. Either way, one the character is selected the story will begin.

Cutscene 9

Masako and Rose awake to find themselves in the middle of a jail cell. There are robots everywhere and two mobians. One is a red bluy jay with a long beard and a gold crown on his head. The other is an odd looking purple porcupine.

Fury: See to it that they are executed.

Porcupine: Don't worry your majesty, they will suffer.

The blue jay leaves the room and the porcupine goes back to his desk. Masako looks over to Rose.

Masako: Where are we?

Rose: I don't know, but we need to get out of here.

Masako: How?

Rose motions over to the porcupine, who is now asleep.

Masako: Well that might be a good time to start looking for an exit...

Stage 04:Jail Jump

"Find a way out of the Jail!"

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Denver (Instrumental Soundtrack OST)

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Denver (Instrumental Soundtrack OST)

Stage 04's theme - Calm

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Dark Skies (Platinum Mix) (Soundtrack OST)

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Dark Skies (Platinum Mix) (Soundtrack OST)

Stage 04's theme - Alert

In this level, the object is to not be detected, similar to Neo and Ages' first level. However, unlike Neo and Ages, Masako and Rose do not have any sneaking abilites, making this level much more difficult than the first sneaking level. Masako and Rose must first solve a puzzle to get out of the cell then must find a way past all the guards. There is an upgrade for Masako here called; Bushido, which makes her attacks double the damage, have a wider hit box, and are quieter than other attacks. Masako is equiped with her sword, and Rose is equiped with gloves. Rose normally attacks using The Reaper for most of the time, but can also utilize objects in the enviroment, making her the only character that can do so in the game. For most of the level though, Masako does not have her sword, and instead must fight with her hands. After they successfully reach the clear ring at the large wooden doors, the level will be cleared and a new cutscene will start.

Cutscene 10

Rose and Masako are running through an alley when they stop.

Rose: Wait...where are we going?

Masako: Away from the jail, where else?

Rose: and then where? We don't even know where we are.

Masako looks around.

Masako: Looks to me like we're in a darker version of San Fransico zone.

Rose: You can figure that out by looking?

Masako: There was also one of the buildings in front of our fight that we passed.

Rose: So then...where is everyone else?

Masako: I don't know but Fury was in that jail. We need to find everyone and get out!

-More to come soon!-

Zapor & Zak

(Unlocked after finishing Tutorial)

-To be added soon-

Nikki & Starlight

(Unlocked after finishing Neo and Ages's story.) -To be added soon-

Cyclone & Irma

-To be added soon-

Zero & Leah

-To be added soon-

Echo & Ellie

-To be added soon-


-To be added soon-

Items of Importance


The standard currency in the game, these can be used to buy a plethora of iconic items from previous sonic games, such as the bubble shield, the fire shield, the lightning shield, extra lives, music, concept art, alternative costumes, and much more.


Gems are collected throughout the game to be used as currency at weapon stores. These can be used to buy alternative and new weapons for you characters. Each character is skilled in certain weapons, although some characters cannot change their weapons (Zero and Rose) They instead gain certain upgrades to their clothing and other cosmetic changes that affect their attacks. The weapon types are Swords, Axes, Daggers, Guns, Decks, Spears, Staves, Hammers, Bows, Crossbows, and character specific weapons.


After completing certain missions, characters will gain stones that will increase their abilities and give them new skills. These range from the ring dash, to the summon abilities. Each stone grants new powers to the characters, but many are not needed to finish the game and can be avoided for certain purposes.


Every character has a minimum of five upgrades to them. Like the stones, these upgrade your abilities or grant you new ones, unlike the stones though, they are interchangeable between characters. An upgrade that gives one character a boost in swordplay will allow another character to use a sword. Upgrades are sometimes required to continue through the story, so most are hidden in plain sight, or are obviously found.

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