I recently found a computer disc. It was just a simple CD with blue marker on it that said "EASY SONIC". I booted it up, and started to play.

In Green Hill, the badniks were smashed, with Flickies peeking out of them. It's like he had destroyed the badniks before. Also, there was a majority of invincibility monitors, and some badnik suits were on fire, which actually hurt Sonic. Whaaat? Why would a easy game have such an obstacle like that?

Marble Zone was pure prehistory. The crushers were rock and stayed as high as they can no matter what, and the badniks are now enslaved Flickies on a wood platform with wooden wheels. Psst, haha. The lava was pure obsidian, which no longer hurt sonic and acted like a solid platform. Also, everything was just sandstone covered in sand.

Spring Yard looked like Casino Night, but this is where it got creepy. The badniks were also smashed, but there weren't any flickies. Their suits were just oozing wine-colored liquid. The Hill Act 1 played, and Sonic looked depressed. Just... WHY?!?... You'd always get the jack pot though.

Labyrinth Zone was kinda dark. All the water had drained, leaving a bottomless pit. This caused a major platforming change.

Star Light Zone was a pure crime zone. All the bottomless pits were blocked by a yellow-black striped metal cuboid. All the badniks were cuffed, some even just destroyed, oozing wine colored liquid like before. The background looked like some sort of electric gate.

Scrap Brain was thoroughly destroyed, like these circle things that move Sonic around were now smashed on the floor, burnt down. This wasn't easy at all. I wanted to quit.

Final Zone, boy, it was just a metal hallway. Robotnik was pleasing for mercy, before the game just cut off.

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