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Earthquake is an extremely powerful earth attack.


Earthquake is a technique that can only be used by either those with an affiliation to the earth element or with great physical strength. Earth users use this technique by forcing energy into the earth- usually through motions such as stomping or slamming their fist(s) against the ground- then causing it to explode outward from their point as a seismic shockwave traveling through the earth. When the tremor makes contact with someone or something, the energy causes a miniature quake/eruption to break forth from the ground, slamming the opponent with an incredible amount of explosive earthen power. Non-earth users use the technique in a somewhat similar way, albeit different: rather than using their energy, non-earth users use their own raw physical power, creating an impact so powerful it generates the same shockwave and generally the same results, albeit even less subtle than with earth powers due to the original impact. The technique is especially powerful against underground enemies because the energy still makes an impact while throwing the hidden enemy from their hiding place.

While powerful, the technique has several drawbacks. For one, those capable of levitating or flight are capable of avoiding the technique in its entirety. The sole exceptions are those who use geomagnetic waves for mobility, as the energy interacts with the geomagnetic disruption to gain the same effect. In addition to its inability to strike airborne foes, the technique is incapable of making the distinction between foes, allies, and innocents, striking anything and everything within its range. While this makes it powerful against numerous enemies, it is extremely risky while in the presence of bystanders or urban locales.


Pokemon Users


  • Blade Slam - A variant for those with no skill with the Earth

Parent Technique

  • Magnitude - A more unpredictable and dangerous variant, which is rarely seen.

Technique Rank

Due to the technique's consistent power and use, despite its inability to hit levitating targets, the attack bears an A-rank.