Earthgrinder is a special longsword forged for User:FainTheGreatest as a Birthday Present by User:HS664.


Earthgrinder is a orange-bronze colored longsword that was forged from special iron alloy and lined with flawless cerulean glass, terminating at the guard in an ornate orb of blue seaglass. The tang is made of reflective material, which gleams through the hilt, an enchanted plant vine.



Earthgrinder is a light bladed dual edged sword. It can be swung rather easily, and cleavs through the air with little resistance. Howeve,r it is also very light; while it is well balanced, it may also be nhard to weildf without training. The sword was specially constructed for a pactitioner of "Sensei", a style of weapon weilding that combines martial prowess with psionic presicion. In this case, Earthgrinder is constructed so the user may make as many precise hits as he can in the shortest possible time.


  • Psionic Attunement: Earthgrinder is psionically attunded; the cerulean glass is meant to pick up on the owner's psionic enery and channel it into the blade, allowing the user to focus where the blade is to hit, and make quick turning slashes.
  • Psionically Reinforced: Earthgrinder is a very durable blade, capable of parrying and blocking moves that would destroy a normal blade.


The blade is owned by User:FainTheGreatest, but may be gifted to any character or user at any time. The blade was originally made by User:HS664. No one else has owned the blade.

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