The Earth Sided Chronicles is a hidden story that stretches on from Hiero's past. What takes place in this story is purely non-canon and has no real connection with the canon plot for Hiero or what he has done in the other story. These two stories are supposed to be different but have many of the bases. Enjoy the nice little read! This is a Fanfic.

Prologue- Is Royalty the Best?

It all began with a young female hawk known as Aviara Huo. Aviara was royalty in Igna-Tribu, she was the daughter of presidential leader and royal commander, Ridas Huo. Ridas was a manipulator who had no consideration for anyone's feelings, not even his own daughter's. Aviara hated her royalty and wanted to leave it.

She took great interest in the island's geography and was a huge enthusiast of living life to its fullest. Since she was fed up with being a royal, she decided to secretly move around the island with out her parents knowledge. Once Ridas caught on to Aviara's plans he traced her steps slowly, but carefully.

During her journey, Aviara met a fine young blacksmith who was also a hawk. The blacksmith's name was Matthew Sprax, and he, just like Aviara hated royalty and wanted to live life to its fullest. Matthew Sprax was a genius who could easily fix and create weapons, he was also heavily skilled with controlling Earth due to once being a royal himself.

The two quickly fell in love and began forging their own journies. It wasn't long until the two mated and a new hawk was being born. Since Ridas was following the two all along secretly, he knew exactly when to strike them both. When the two settled down shortly as they took care of the hawk's nearly hatching egg, Ridas took the time to attempt imprisoning the two, along with the egg.

Matthew and Aviara used trickery to fool Ridas, the two then jumped off of a cliff holding hands and dropping into the ocean. Ridas presumed the couple was dead and gave up on his hopes of getting his daughter back. Though, he noticed that the egg was nearly hatching. Ridas decided to rid the egg by moving it into the wildlife. Being unharmed, the little chick hatched was was quickly taken into an orphanage after explorers heard the cries from it.

Chapter 1- Orphan Issues

At the orphanage, the baby hawk was cleaned up and fed to health. It was then when the advisers decided to name the baby hawk, Hayden Felix. Hayden grew up quite sound in the orphanage, it was where he met a young bat who had a passion for women. Hayden despised the bat and often got into many arguments with him. The two were huge rivals and had incredibly different views of life. Hayden was very intelligent in the time of his orphan days. Some time soon, Hayden found out about his powers of controlling Earth. Hayden was pleased with his powers and thought himself better than those around him.

The young bat named Aiwa did not take this kindly, so the two argued some more and even fought. Since he badly injured Aiwa to near death, the orphanage advisors decided to cast Hayden out due to his brashness and how aggressive he was. They sentenced death for young Hayden and threw him into the pits of Terre-Tribu. It didn't take young Hayden much time to find territory and figure out a functioning way to survive. He then found some civilization in Terre-Tribu and made his presence notable.

Chapter 2- Terre-Tribu

Hayden immediately provoked much of Terre-Tribu's populace. He was begging for a mentor in hopes that he can get back at the orphanage. Many civilians detested him immediately. It wasn't until Wendel, Terre-Tribu's pride mentor and leader stood before Hayden and told him he wasn't worthy. This angered the provoked Hayden, so he struck the elder Wendel. Wendel shattered Hayden's knuckles and repeated what he said. While in pain, Hayden upper cutted Wendel with his other fist knocking him to the ground with incredible force. It had been the first time in ages that Wendel actually faced a challenge.

Hayden was aggressive and brash, but he did have what it took to become some one better. In the hopes of this, Wendel trained the young hawk. Hayden took much of the training, but his moral standing and brashness were distasteful. It lead to him being kicked out of Terre-Tribu at the age of fourteen, though he had much experience with earth powers at that point.

Looking for territory, Hayden found himself in Terre-Tribu. Due to his red color scheme he fit in very well. He didn't attract much attention, but what he did attract was Ridas's fear. Ridas knew who Hayden was and he thought he had killed him. It was at this moment, he told his trainee about Ridas' presence and how he could be a terrorist from another part of the island. During the years, Ridas had been training Aiwa in the fields of combat. Aiwa was far more experienced and gentler than Hayden. As such, Aiwa reported for duty and tried to rid Hayden out of the land of Terre-Tribu.

Chapter 3- Demise of a Nemesis

During confrontation, Aiwa immediately remembered who Hayden was. He remembered the suffering he had passed through trying to fix his bones, the pain of injury, and the life long scarring defects out of all of those things. Thirsty for revenge, Aiwa grabbed Hayden by the neck and threatened to kill him for what he's done. While being choked Hayden managed to chuckle and say "no you won't". It was then where Hayden punched through Aiwa's chest with massive earth power.

He killed Aiwa with no mercy and began laughing about it. "Young Aiwa, you always were lesser than me. This just proves it" were Hayden's final words to the dead Aiwa as he pulled his arm out of his chest. Hayden continued to live in Igna-Tribu secretly. Ridas knew that Aiwa had died and this only made things worse for him. All he could do was prolong Hayden, and he knew it wouldn't take much time for him to find out who he was.

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