Earth Power is a strong Earth attack. It is often considered a more focused version of Earthquake.


Much like the attack Earthquake, this technique is used via forcing energy into the earth. Unlike the case with Earthquake, this is the only way for the technique to be used. The energy forced into the earth is sent towards the target enemy in the form of an underground shockwave. When the attack hits the target, the target's presence splits the energy, which in turn causes an explosive split in the ground under the opponent. The technique is almost as strong as Earthquake itself and capable of selecting individual targets, making it a very effective technique in terrain where Earthquake would be difficult to use. It is further assisted by the fact that subterranean foes are affected the same way as in the case of Earthquake.

Unfortunately, Earth Power suffers from many of the same weaknesses as its more powerful counterpart, being unable to hit airborne foes. In addition to this, the technique is energy-based, and thus can be blocked by techniques like Light Screen or even deflected by Mirror Coat.



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