A gate technique that very few throughout the history of Mobius have ever even seen. They are each based on the elements and are very powerful. However, as with all Gate and Seal techniques, using this comes at a cost.


The Earth Gate: Cave-In technique is a very powerful attack. It first raises the earth within 500 miles of the user and creates a cave system. Then the earth opens up, dropping the foe within. After this, the enemy has 5 minutes to navigate the caverns and escape or all the caverns cave-in, reducing the area to absolute rubble. This move is powerful enough to harm even super forms and significantly. However, it will almost never guarantee a successful win with just one use. The cost of using this move is not just a grand amount of energy, but also it will break 3 bones randomly throughout the body, and different ones with each use, except for the spinal cord. As a result, this move should be reserved as a last resort.



Due to the power of this move, it would normally be an S-Rank technique. However, due to the cost, it is a A-Rank Technique in my opinion. I mean seriously, what technique not only requires a lot of energy, but also breaks 3 bones in the process.

Methods of Learning

While the move is very rare, if one is able to decipher old texts of the great civilizations, it is very possible to learn how to use this.


I put this in simply to tell you, that there should be no variants. However, if you have a move that acts similar to this, go ahead and put it here.

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