Earth Barrier is a useful genetic technique, with no characters known to possess it at present time.


The ability takes on the form of a series of subconscious thoughts activated through the learning of Geokinesis, which are not noticed by the possessor. The power activates itself whenever physical contact from others is received, creating a wall of earth, be it gravel, dirt, sand or even scoria-style rocks, which repels the attacker instantaneously and forming into a temporary armor of sorts directly upon the body of the user, which restricts the user's movement. This lowers their speed and reaction time for the minimum of five minutes, but trades for a powerful shield against both physical and ranged attacks for that same amount of time. Master geokinetics can control this earthen armor as they wish, including the ability to alter and transform the armor as they wish, paving the way for offensive attacks.

If someone has both an advanced form of Earth and this genetic ability, the Earth Barrier will instead be formed of the advanced form, such as Metal or Diamond. As each advanced element has unique characteristics, the armor will have those same characteristics. In the case of multiple advanced elements, the Earth Barrier will react to the subconscious of the wielder, taking on the form most appropriate for the situation. These give an additional element of versatility to the Earth Barrier, should the wielder have such an arsenal.

Despite its great power, the Earth Barrier has an array of crippling weaknesses. First and foremost is the indiscriminate nature of the technique without proper control. Adding this to the physical restrictions the technique has makes anything short of mid to long range combat cumbersome, if not impossible. It also makes physical support from allies equally difficult, which can be a fatal weakness if medical aid is required. Possibly the greatest weakness is the required connection to the ground; without a certain level of control, the wielder is left utterly defenseless when separated from earthen material. For less experienced warriors, this makes air-battles a nightmare scenario. The final weakness is an ever-present risk with this ability: available materials. This risk is especially prevalent in the case of sand; without control over the advanced element, the armor would be overall weak and a liability rather than an asset. The second case comes in toxic or radioactive earthen materials; forming an armor out of that is a literal death sentence for the wielder.



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