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Prior to the second Solar System War, most practiced Gaizuv, the worship of Gaizsheniks. Following Mobias's Great Migration, there have been missionaries of the human religions witnessing unto them. Most earth-borns are Gaizelir.Habitat

As their name implies, they were born on Earth and they live pretty much anywhere on it.


Like their ancestors, earth-born Mobians usually wear white gloves, though their gloves and shoes are more expressive (most of them are kids after all).


6,000 years ago, Epinoch teleported to Sicily, making him the first Mobian ever to travel to earth. Later, in 1660, Msyung was born on earth and Mobius at the same time, making him the first earth-born Mobian. Around 2006, Sonic and co. were teleported to the planet while chasing Dr. Eggman. After Eggman takes over Mobius as its global president, the Mobians migrate to earth to start families in 2008. There was a war fought between Mobians and humans before the Mobians gained their rights as a fellow dominant species and not animals (romantic Mobian-Human relationships are still considered bestiality, and is illegal in many countries). After the Freedom Fighters remove Emperor Eggman of his power, some Mobians return to Mobias. The ones that stayed continued to live among the humans with their new families. By 2030, the average age of an earth-born Mobian is around 14 years, but Msyung holds the record as the oldest, being 370 years old.


  • Earth-born Mobians are usually half the weight of their ancestors.
  • While most Mobians have natural skin color yet unnatural fur color, their earth variants would have natural fur color but unnatural skin color. I just noticed this when comparing our OCs to the CCs.
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