The reality of Earth-160 or to the Mobians, Mobius-160 is an alternated reality of Mobius created by the Reality Core, then Aelos created a whole universe within.



During the creation of the Multiverse, Aelos created the Reality Core which constructs infinite amounts of realities that will or would be created from the Prime Reality. This even included himself, which makes it a contradictory artifact. When Aelos came to Reality-160, he made the galaxy, and created a being called Mobius to which would become the planet where life would form, and even the main location of great cosmic events, and beings to gather.

War of the Gods

During the earliest ages of the reality, the cosmic beings fought in a devastating war over the control of the reality. The Chief-God of Asgard, Odin was leading the Asgardians against the Codiacian Chief-God, Omega who lead the Alpha Gods and the Beta Gods. Eventually, one of the Beta Gods called Parasitical brought forth the Spear of Destiny, and was able to send Odin, the Asgardians and the system Asgard is in into another reality of the 1-A Region of the Multiverse. Soon after, the Codiacians settle upon the planet, and soon created creatures which came to be known in the far distant future as Mobians.

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  • The Reality Number is 160, meaning its the 160th reality that was created during the creation of the Multiverse nanoseconds after Earth-159 and Earth-161.
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