E Snatcher 3 is a giant ceiling robot super powered by a Secret Ring. It was created by Scotch the Hedgehog's arch enemy and Eggman's child assistant Elijah.


E-Snatcher is a robot with only a head, upper torso and arms. His whole armor is severely covered in titanium alloy and fake glass that makes up the head cockpit. It has a wire sprouting from the rounding back of it's torso that connects to any ceiling or surface. he has fake hair patterns under the cockpit and has a brick shaped mouth with motion tracking eyes. It has very durable wires holding it's frame and armor together, as well as distributing power to the arms and the two block shaped laser shooters on its nipple area.


  • Electric Whips: E-Snatcher 3 has specially designed whips with frames inside them that can detach and attach at will to be used as either hand whips, or electrical rotating bars.
  • Hammer Arm: Another interesting fact about the robot is its similarity to the Big Arm. But this attack involves going higher in the air then where he was, then slamming down his hard hammering arms onto the ground stopping right where he was.
  • Nipple Laser Shooters: This robot also has laser pointers on its nipple area that allows it to shoot lasers willy-nilly around the battlefield.
  • Metallic Scythes: The final weapon in it's arsenal, this robot has scythes on its back, they can detach to solid ropes that can control themselves to long lengths in order to take a swing at Sonic or Scotch.

Weakness for Defeat

For about a minute into the battle, it's a monologue from Eli, the driver. But to defeat Eli's robot this is what you do:


You must wrap the electrical whips around the arms of the robot by homing attacking them when they de-electrify, once Eli forgets to retract them, then Eli will slam down his Hammer Arm onto the ground and then activating the whips, causing the arm's alloy to be destroyed, that's when you homing attack his arms to destroy them.

Next there are laser-reflectable metal in the room you fight the robot in. You must first find a way to destroy the scythes by making the laser reflect specifically from a certain area of the mirrors, into the scythes to cut them down from the robot.

Then you must have the laser shooters reflect off the mirror metal and blaster E-Snatcher in the head, destroying the protective covering on the cockpit glass and top of the head, this is when you use the arms leaning against the wall to deliver a final blow which destroys the robot.

Sonic Unleashed

In Sonic Unleashed, Elijah busts out the E-Snatcher Mark 4, after the Egg Dragoon is thrown away by Werehog Sonic, very reminisce of Mark 3, but his whips are longer, the scythes are bigger, the nipple shooters are covered by metal, and his arms have rubber around them, his arms also are shinier, suggesting new metal. In this boss fight as Sonic, you simple have to run around the now suspended circle held by bungee ropes from the hole in which Eggman cut, and wait until you start seeing the rubber melt off of the arms, causing the robot to short out and reset to Mark 3 settings. This is when you use the Werehog to your extent to destroy the robot the same as in Adventure.

Sonic Generations

In Sonic Generations, this is the same boss fight as Sonic Adventure, but the only difference is that much like the Big Arm, the Snatcher is now flying after Sonic with gigantic jets on its backside. But in this version you simply need to get on grinding rails and then jump onto the top of the robot and homing attack the head a bunch of times.

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