This is all the encounters with the merchant from resident evil 4 in the past, later on their meetings the Merchant gets relly ticked off at ET.

Meeting no.1

Merchant: Hello stranger.

ET: Im not a stranger, im ET.

Merchant: I got something you might be interested in.

Merchant shows the bunch of weapons.

ET: I'll take em all!

ET gives Merchant money.

Merchant: Good pick, stranger.

Merchant gives ET items

ET: Im not a stranger.

ET walks away with the purchased items.

Meeting no.2

Merchant: Hello stra-

ET: You mean ET?

Merchant: Yep. What will ya have?

ET: The usual, everything.

ET gives Merchant money.

Merchant: Ok stranger your creeping me out.

ET: And your creeping me out with (Merchant impression) stranger. Just gimme the stuff already.

Merchant:Ok here you go.

Merchant gives ET items.

ET: See ya! Be sure to restock before i come to you.

ET walks off with purchased items.

Merchant: He's gonna run me out of business.

Meeting no.3

Merchant: I have doubles this time so he cant buy all of it.

ET: All stuff please

Merchant: Stocks doubled, are you able to buy it?

ET: Yep.

ET hands over money.

Merchant: Wow that's quite a lot.

Merchant hands items.

ET: Well bye!

ET walks off with purchased items.

Leon Kennedy: Let me guess. Nothing

Merchant: Spot on, stranger.

Meeting no.4 (When Merchant gets ticked off)

ET: Hello! All your stuff please

ET hands over money

Merchant: ok str-aw forget this! Where are you getting all that loot!

ET: Profits.

Merchant: Profits from what?

ET is silent.

Merchant: Well?

ET: Profits out of you.

Merchant: How?

ET: i buy em, i sell em for higher price so im ripping you off and running you out of business.

Merchant shoots steam from ears and nose.

Merchant: How dare you rip me off! I worked hard for these guns!

ET: No you didn't i saw you sneaking into Umbrella corps and stealing the guns.

Merchant: I'LL KILL YOU!

Merchant gets 2 chainguns.

ET: How come you don't sell me that?

Merchant: Its my personal ones.

Merchant shoots ET but he gets away.

Merchant:NNNOOOOOO!! At least that Leon strangers gonna come.

10 hours later

Text appears from Leon Kennedy: Forget you im not shopping from your rubbish shop ever again.

Merchant does constant and loud swearing.

(picture below)

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