ET (Emerald Terrestrial)

Is an unknown being from the center of the galaxys and universes. He is an emerald morphed into a crystallised form to explore the depths of space. On one of his travels the biolizards energy, black dooms power and the power of dark gaia combined, making a shockwave that dragged ET all the way to the Sonic Universe, thus making him crash into one of the planets. The crash had given him amnesia due to the crash head first. Shadow had stepped upon this unusual crash and saw ET laying there. When ET took one glance at shadow. His appearance changed into his body shape, the only differences were that he had grey gloves, the soles and tongue on the shoes are white and the rest of shadows parts were red his was space black He had no irises and pupils. Once he had woken up he immediately used chaos control to escape. Nobody has seen him since, only shadow remembers the appearance of ET. Still ET tries to find a way to get his memory back.


ET only cares about solving his amnesia problem, he rarely relies on others to help him with problems, mostly seen solo (actually all the time), many have mistaken ET for Mephiles who came back from the underworld that's the reason he always trys to stay hidden. He cant really bother himself with food because he doesn't eat at all. Whem he is in his dark/super dark form he always restrains from killing the victim in order to not arouse unwanted attention (its harder to restrain in super dark form).


Super form- Use of no emeralds for ET

Knight form- Whenever ET enters the arthurian world

Sprite form- Whenever ET enters the sprite world

Emerald form- When ET rests or goes to the center of the universes and galaxys

Dark form- ET turns negative and an eye eye appears on the forehead

Super Dark form- ET's negative form turns super and the eye is completely opened (nobody knows what the eye does yet)


Chaos Control- Able to take control of time and space.

Chaos Spear- Shoots a beam of chaos at the enemy.

Chaos Blast- Blast surrounding user.

Chaos Cannon- Shoots a large beam at the front of user

Chaos Void Cannon- Shoots four beams at each side of user, only ET is able to do this.

Chaotic Spacial Rend- Similar to Palkias Spacial rend, it leaves a black hole in the area, this move has not been used yet. Only ET can do this.

Chaos shower- A lot of chao spears come from the sky, raining down onto its opponent.

Chaos Creation- Can create chaos items such as swords, daggers and even guns.


My name is ET.-Introduction

Who am i? What am i?-After teleporting away from Shadow

Wow! Im so fast! Could this speed have do something with my past?-Getting rank A after completing stage

Hmph...-Getting rank B after completing stage

Just in time.-Getting rank C after completing stage

Could have done better.-Getting rank D after completing stage

Barely got there.-Getting rank E after completing stage

I... remember something... -After remembering something (duh)

No..cant lose-losing a match in Sonic And The Black Knight

Ha! I won!-Winning a match in Sonic And The Black Knight

To fast for you!-Winning a race in Sonic Riders and Zero Gravity

I should practice more.-Losing a race in Sonic Riders and Zero Gravity

To tough for ya aint I?-After winning against a boss

Gee this is hard.-After losing against a boss

What in chaos emeralds is this?-when examining a food

For the last time im not mephiles!-Before fighting someone who thinks ET is Mephiles

Sorry, i had to do that.-After defeating someone

Theme music

I am (all of me)-Normal ET

Never Turn Back-Super ET

King Boom Boo-Dark ET

Almost Dead-Super Dark ET

For True Story-EK

Waking up-Sprite ET

Note these songs are sonic based.


Mephiles (past) -An acquaintance from the future while traveling space in the future.

Shadow-Knows that ET isn't Mephiles and he will meet ET again so he thinks he's a rival.

G.U.N-Is secretly looking for ET while he tries to hide away from them.

Any kind of emerald-Has an unbreakable bond and can sense its mortal form, can also detect the emeralds from afar.

The merchant (past) (resident evil 4)-Always plays practical jokes on him by buying everything he's got and demanding more, until he finally ticked and used his own guns against him, hes probably wandering mobius for ET.

Chaos (past) -A good friend, he and chaos met when chaos was looking for the emeralds (though he doesn't like his perfect chaos form).

Metal sonic (past) -had rebuilt him when he was in pieces he thanked ET and went. he still remembers ET

Project Ultra- Is one of the two beings sent to hunt down ET.

Project Giga-Is another of the two beings sent to hunt down ET.

Project Tundra- Is ET's newest threat, and is the only one of team project to stand a chance against him

Project Mega-Is a formidable foe when ET is fighting him, Project Mega is the fusion of Project Tundra, Ultra and Giga.

Other worlds

Starting with the Arthurian world, ET is known as EK (Emerald Knight) which he is a rogue knight. He uses other beings weapons and uses it against them, the world he carries along with him are duel Jet swords. In the game, EK can collect weapons from defeated enemies. He will turn into this form if he enters the Arthurian world. His soul powers can be either of these depending on the equipment worn: 1. shoots a chaos spear the better the timing the bigger and stronger the chaos spear. 2. Creates a Chaos Shower, in gameplay you must press buttons at high speed and timing to make more damage Only with 1 special item he can do this. 3. Uses chaos control, then uses all weapons collected to slash all in EK's path, uses good timing and the power is limited due to the weapons he collected (can be used when he has his final weapon-Duel Burst swords). His fighting style are in duel backhand position.

The sprite world. Once he enters the sprite world he turns into his sprite form.

Sonic Riders and Zero Gravity

Starting off, ET wears only white goggles, a white trench coat and all the rest from other appearances. ET carries 2 extreme gear: Energy Emerald (A gear made from pure emerald, ET built it on his own), and Chaos spear (ET creates and rides the chaos spear. ET uses a bit more power to make it match the statistics of an extreme gear). Both Chaos Spear and Energy Emerald has: Grind, Max speed up, and max gp up. Note: When holding Chaos Spear, ET isn't carrying it, he uses it when he gets over the starting line. Chaos Spear has to be unlocked for ET.


When ET turns Dark, his Galactic emerald turns into an Intergalactic emerald

Before he turns into his emerald form, ET turns transparent allowing to see what the emerald looks like

ET doesn't know that he can use Chaotic Spacial Rend

His alignment is Anti-Hero

ET can ride Chaos Spear like a board into the air

ET is based on my name in real life

ET has no gender, presumed male

Physical Age:15 Chronological age:1000

ET was meant to be a hedgehog until i got an idea that it couldn't be an animal at all just like Mephiles

In order for ET to blend in and not get recognised, he wears a white hooded trench cloak with the hood covering his whole face

ET has a werehog form, he still has it even when Dark Gaia (sonic unleashed) is gone, he goes over to Dark Gaia and "complain"

Type:Speed (because of shadows form), Power (a lot of strength from Galactic emerald) and Flight (He travels in space its no problem for him to fly).

Due to taking on shadows form, it gives ET the use of driving and use with guns, it even gave him the ability to talk like Shadow.

He is in possession of the The Void Emeralds.

His whole body is a restrainer, restraining every aspect of his body such as speed, power and much more. ET doesn't know this fact.

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