EQuartz Orgorgoan
Combat-Carrier Vessel, Flying Fortress
Project O, Gorgonoa
Incomplete (still in Prototyping stage, nearing completion)
Machine Class


  • Jared Infiern (Pilot, Original Model)
  • Any highly-classified EQuartz Soldiers (Pilot, Reproduction Models)


The Orgorgoan has the appearance of a massive, flying yellow battleship with a large sharp jaw-pattern painted on the front, which curves inward like a blade to more effectively cut through the air and intercept projectiles. Right above this are two large orbal cannons that give the vague illusion of the ship having eyes. The overall ship is decked out with small sentries armed with either machine guns or long tubes connected to large hands used to grab and restrain intruders. Towards the back is a tower that gets progressively thinner as it moves upward, similar to an extending rod. Right at the back, in a ring around the thrusters are the Orgorgoan's defining feature, those being massive, gold-colored funnels that extend outward in random directions until facing straight forward. On the underside of the ship are a multitude of docking ports and hatches used to let ships and units drop from and right into combat.


The Orgorgoan, despite it's silly and bizarre exterior, is a highly-capable warship/air fortress capable of causing great destruction. The funnellike horns on the back are for far more than just aesthetic, as they can not only fire a near-endless barrage of missiles and lasers, but can also bend and contort in just about any direction, which is often used to suck in either allied or enemy units and revitalize them, fixing any damaged machinery while melting down miscellaneous pieces to construct new machines to throw right into the war zone.

But what happens to enemy units is a completely different story. These units, whether conscious or not, are sealed within capsules full of oxygen-infused liquid, and are attached to large vinelike machines, where their personal information is gathered about them and altered to fit EQuartz' needs, is then reinserted into the captive's minds, and rewriting the rest of their being to basically brainwash them into serving EQuartz. Machines are dissassembled, with the spec's copied down to be quickly able to recreate these machines if need be, then reassembled to serve EQuartz during the war.

If that weren't enough, the ship also functions as a massive air-carrier. This hulking beast, whenever in use, can house up to 1,425 non-mechanical EQuartz units and 647 machines depending on size, as well as produce more robots and weapons if need be from it's internal factory sector. The Orgorgoan's ability to carry such huge amounts of units, as well as having massive potential on it's own, gives it the title of "Carrier-Destroyer."


The EQuartz Orgorgoan was originally conceived by former ruler Xahlia Vhan during her short reign over the company. The project barely got past the planning stages before being cancelled due to unionized uprisings from the workers, who eventually threw Xahlia from power and brought a new ruler in. This ruler found the machine to be too complicated and overall impossible with the available funding and technology, and was simply scrapped, the papers being stored away in the Under, the deepest section of EQuartz to date.

Eventually, when Jared took power and began rummaging through all of the stored blueprints and ideas from former rulers, he can across the blueprints for Xahlia's Orgorgoan, and decided to at least try to salvage it. He held off on the project for his first few years of ruling, as he believed it to be too difficult with the available fundings, just like before. But years later, when EQuartz was restored beyond it's former glory, the project would be updated to match the (then current) standards for technology, and work had begun. To this day, the machine itself is not fully registered as "complete," but slowly and surely it's getting there.

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