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EQuartz is a company that, despite coming right out of nowhere in recent years, has existed for quite a while. Originally named Soul-Stice by a man named Zepheniah Scott, where it was a leading producer in, in short, basically everything. From toys to medicine and everything in-between, though that had changed after Zepheniah's death. He had originally planned to give the deed to his son David, who was neither interested in it nor even showed up to his fathers death, so it was given to his two daughters, Rose and Stacy. At first, the whole company was in a frenzy, as both siblings simply could not agree on anything, to the point where David stepped in and manually took control for himself, with both sisters being advisors. Balance was finally restored.

As years passed, tension grew further between the two sisters. They started with meager pranks and simple day-ruiners, though it escalated to the point where they were actually trying to kill each other, and on one fateful day, David had fallen victim to one of these antics, causing his death. Over grief of their fallen brother, both sisters had resigned, leaving Soul-Stice.

The company was eventually bought out by anonymous sources, and passed around several owners (with various altered motives) throughout the years, each ruining it's established glory by a considerable amount. That is, until a person by the name of Sampson (name redacted) had obtained ownership, and would work to restore Soul-Stice to it's former position. He worked very hard at this throughout the years, with barely any progress having been made, leaving him a bitter man.

Sampson eventually realized that only through a showcase of power would he be able to fix this company. He converted Soulstice's Production from appliances and toys to a more militaristic one creating weapons of all shapes and sizes, as well as hiring and training a large number of people to be soldiers. Targeting the nearby cave to the Underworld, Sampson and his men attempted at first to barter with the gatekeeper, an actual living gate named Baga, a large sum of money and weapons for free passage. When refused, they returned hours later, drugged him into sleep, then stole both the key and his biggest eye, replacing it with a large cursed die that would warp the Demon Gate's already chaotic mind, leaving the beast to begin the attack on the very place it was intended to protect. This made the conquering of the Underworld much easier, on top of them becoming more businesslike before in an attempt to organize the almost countless residents of it's lands.

With that victory in tow, Soulstice had gained vast new lands to grow into as well as much higher productions. However, Sampson felt that it just wasn't enough nor justified his shift to militaristic production. He then caught wind of a rival company, Manocorp, having done a similar movement by conquering the Ring Forest, encircling the Boudan Desert and Soulstice by land in their control. In a blind fit of fear and rage Sampson had began the declaration of war on Manocorp by stealth-occupying the Ring Forest and giving secret aid to the dislocated Chameleons who once lived there, bestowing things such as armor and leftover muskets to them (as Soulstice overproduced muskets, as well as ancient rifles having been uncovered in the desert and studied.) The Chameleons and Soulstice had successfully driven back Manocorp's control over the Ring Forest and even a few surrounding territories in just over a day.

However, that was probably the brightest part of the war for Soulstice. Manocorp responded almost immediately by flooding the frontlines with well over millions of soldiers, greatly outnumbering Soulstice's units even with inferior technology. Numbers on both sides tore through eachother, with Manocorp forming a powerful defensive wall at the cost of a good 46% of their soldiers. With the rediscovery of trench-warfare, things began to turn once again in Soulstice's favor, conquering a few more territories, however not lasting for long. Manocorp had not only copied their methods of digging trenches and temporary underground bases, but had also built solid walls deep into their territory to act as a powerful shield from all sides.

At that point, both sides had taken heavy losses both militaristically and economically, causing both company managers to declare peace in order to fix what they had caused by founding the International Corporate Nations Association (or ICNA for short) to establish worldwide laws that every company-nation must keep in check. While Manocorp had only prospered since the end of the war, Soulstice was a different story. Overstocked on weapons now either banned internationally or deemed worthless, as well as their supports having mostly died out (the Chameleons, the Spiders, and the hidden JasCo people) and most people in their land suffering from disease and starvation, Sampson, rather than putting in the effort to fund local aid programs, instead hid away in his HQ over fear and pressure.

On an unknown date, Soulstice's leader Sampson (redacted last name) had passed away from starvation. His position left empty, the people had to take a more diplomatic approach to deciding a new ruler. A traveler named Jared Infiern had appeared one day, introducing foreign technologies and ways of thinking to the lost and confused people of Soulstice's outer lands, which quickly spread throughout the Corporate Nation like a wave of instantaneous reform. As he traveled throughout the land, Jared would preach these new ideals wherever he went, helping the people repair their land and broken economy and gaining the favors of the masses. When elections eventually rolled around, Jared had won in a landslide nearly every times (14 times political, one time actual,) and had garnered enough overall support to win ownership of Soulstice. With his first declaration to finally change the name from Soulstice to something else (EQuartz Industries,) this began a new golden age of corporate, economic, and cultural boom that would only increase with the passing years.


Being a large-scale corporation, EQuartz would obviously carry many rules and policies along with it.

  • No information pertaining to future EQuartz Property may be unofficially announced.
  • Unless working Night-Shift or Security, no wandering around any EQuartz building during night hours. (For your own safety)
  • If working during night hours and not a security guard, please try to be as quiet as possible.
  • Any and all lower-class members MUST wear their uniform unless stated otherwise.
  • No opening any doors marked by a massive sharp eye. Those rooms are available only to the Company Leader and any guests he/she allows.
  • Sabotage, whether by an outsider or a worker, shall be responded to with a life-sentence or private execution.
  • Smoking is allowed, but discouraged around other workers.
  • Arguments can be resolved through violence, with the loser of the fight having to pay for any damages caused by the event.
  • Work Hours are available during any hour of the entire 24-hour period, with members choosing what hours to work.
  • Amount of pay will be based on performance, with all members (regardless of gender, race, etc.) having a set minimum and maximum pay depending on what job is taken.
  • Do not attempt to communicate with any hunted specimens. They are EQuartz property and must not be tampered with in the case of potential danger ensuing.
  • Do not attempt to steal the Prompters. This action will result in your expulsion from EQuartz and exile from your current place of residence.
  • All lower-class members are given a numeric rank based on their performance average. All lower-class members must be referred to as (mr/ms/mrs) (number). Once reaching rank 0, or having a perfect completion average of 100% after performing in enough missions, a member shall be promoted to a higher class and given their identity back.
  • Any member or recruit named Ridley shall be immediately expulged from EQuartz without any explanation or overview of their rights. (Added by former ruler S. Makre)


A uniform is dispatched only to lower-ranked members. A simple gray suit with no real noticabe features other than a randomly generated number in the top-right and the EQuartz symbol on the back. Any higher-ranked members do not need to obey any dress code, and are allowed to wear whatever they want as long as nothing "not for the public" is shown. All members of EQuartz are required to wear an emblem somewhere on their clothing that identifies who they are.

Base of Operations

EQuartz HQ is stationed in the heart of Soulstice City. Most of the inhabitants of the city work there, though there are a larger number of members worldwide, and being a company, expect to find a few company buildings within moderate distance from one-another. Minor EQuartz bases are positioned on various different locations, and even many in bizarre areas (such as undersea, deep underground, high mountains, etc.)

List of Members

Obviously enough, this section is for a list of people working at EQuartz, or at the very least, have ties to it in some way.

EQuartz Main

EQuartz East

Former Members

Recruited Members


Minor Works


Prompters are short, dark puppetlike machines with either circular, square, or triangular heads and are tasked with keeping EQuartz' buildings in good condition. The Prompters are usually seen either cleaning or performing tasks in the background, such as setting up booths or carrying an unconcious person to their destination. Prompters often accompany several of EQuartz' members when a specific point is reached, such as a special introduction or when participating in a special event. They have been shown to be capable of speaking english, though rarely talk beyond a whisper to anyone beyond other Prompters.


Pentamids are medium-sized floating machines built in the shape of a tall, floating rod with five larger, more elongated (yet still smaller) rectangular machines around them. In their basic form, the pyramids rotate around the pole, providing it a firm defense while it fires energy beams from a large orb on the top. This orb can absorb any special attacks thrown at it and use these to power itself into it's other form. Once enough power is obtained, the pyrimids flip open and attach to resemble a large pentakaidecal object that attaches around the rod's orb. This new, more longer surface acts as a large cannon that can fire immensely wide and powerful laser-attacks at opponents, though at the cost of losing the defense that the shields brought.

EQuartz Pentamid

EQuartz Pentamid


Express Whale

Express Whale's, like their name entails, are reliable and semi-organic train/whale hybrids. These act as the main mode of mass-transport for EQuartz members, as they can move both on the ground and in the air. Express Whales are built in different models, which include:

  • Express Blue: The most basic model. Designed to be average in all departments, these whales are as standard as they get. A perfect balance of efficiency and durability makes for the standard form of transportation used by people throughout the world.
  • Leisure Green: Slow, comfortable trains built for simply getting from one place to another for those with time to kill. Often rode by homeless people looking for a place to sleep, and are fully welcomed aboard.
  • Bullet Yellow: Sleek, thin trains designed for one thing; speed. These are for those who are in a real need to get somewhere in as least time as possible.
  • Arachno Brown: Mutant trains with spider-legs instead of wheels, with the design being to move across more thin, tight surfaces with more ease. These are often given color-patterns resembling various kinds of spiders and scorpions.
  • Armored Red: Steel-plated red trains designed for use in combat and transporting troops. These are often ridden by skilled snipers, paratroopers, and cannoneers to attack from overhead. With heavily-improved defenses and a much more hands-on controlling system, these are the perfect choice to ride into battle on... tht is, if you don't mind looking like a fool for riding a whale into battle.
  • Skull Gray: Dark, thin trains used in the afterlife (known as Judgment) to guide the deceased to their final location. These are actually the souls of fallen Express Whale's, carrying out their purpose even in death. Whether going to heaven or hell, these trains are often loaded with the most luxurious of pleasantries, as sort of a last hurrah before living the rest of eternity in one of two places.
  • Twister White: Nimble, flight-based trains designed around aerial combat and attacking from all sides. Due to complex configurations of the technology inside, this train is fully capable of spinning segments of it's body to attack from any and all angles and can even create a twister-shield to block incoming attacks and reflect them back at the attackers.
  • Galaxy Black: Bizarre, almost otherworldly trains designed around travel in extremely high elevations. Lesser models go as high as the troposphere while the higher-level versions can travel through space with such speed and grace that would make anyone gawk in awe. Heavily insulated to maintain temperature and several oxygen tanks keep the passengers alive and well throughout the journey.
  • Abyss Violet: Small, submarine-like trains designed for undersea travel. Thin and serpentlike in design, these are more true to the whalelike nature their based on and are excellent swimmers. These trains are also equipped with multiple lights to allow sight in the darker regions of the ocean.
  • Golden Globe: A tiny, spherelike whale built primarily as a durable shield for the few passengers that can fit inside. Designed as more of a defensive whale, it's small, round design helps avoid attacks when in a huge battle and/or usage as an escape vessel when need be. With only a minor attack that fires golden laser-cubes at opponents, it's best not used for an all-out attack. Only the leader of EQuartz Industries and any other authorized personnel may ride this.

All Express Whales are equipped with a Baleen Shield, which is a large energy-barrier used to block frontal attacks at a surprising level of durability. A commonly told myth is that Express Whales, when treated well enough for a long period of time, will begin to develop personalities and even learn speech, though not much evidence is available to prove this theory


Globalls (pronounced globe-alls) are large, floating orbal machines with small tentacles in the back, built as standard flying machines for soldiers. These are equipped with a laser cannon that fires mid-level attacks, and a special attack that allows a Globall to consume a small portion of the environment to gain a similar appearance to blend in and elemental attacks that correspond with the field. Wherever EQuartz is, one will expect many Globalls to be around.


Large defensive machines designed like treasure chest, Mimicutter's are often tasked with defending large amounts of wealth or other important objects. When closed, Mimichests are nearly invincible, but cannot attack. As soon as one gets near a Mimichest, it will open up and many sharp appendages will sprout from the bottom (acting as legs) and the opening, and will chase down an opponent and attempt to cut them to pieces. Doing so exposes their weakpoint, located inside the chest, but have been shown to be quite durable in combat. Mimicutters, with their great similarities to treasure chests, are also sometimes placed after picking up valuables as fake-outs to not only fool an opponent into thinking they could get something worth the long journey, but then be chopped up and consumed by the beast inside.


Probably one of the weirdest designs for a machine yet, Bedazzleg's are built with a bulky, almost muscular upper half and thin, majestic legs that do not match at all with what's on top. Bedazzleg's are able to split their segments to attack in two seperate places. The upper half generally uses it's strength and size to rip through large numbers while the legs hop around like a ballerina, confusing the opponents, then pummeling them with a series of lightning-fast kicks from all directions.


An Organdonizer is a stationary, armlike machine built to aid in surgery. Several tools for cutting and extracting are hidden in panels along the side of the machine's "hand" in a similar fashion to a swiss army knife. It can easily detect and remove any designated piece of the body with a simple input of commands into the console. These serve little purpose in combat and are only used for defending against a small group of home-invaders.


Banchcrows are ninjalike machines built to resemble scarecrows, specifically the scarecrow that accomponies Hoyori. Carrying the same ragged design as Hoyori, they have large brown hats with small lanterns fixated on them, tattered/stitched clothing (the stitches are in random placements to avoid suspicion of them not actually being scarecrows. Rather than the bird being underneath their hat like with Hoyori, instead the bird is contained within a panel on the scarecrows back that flips depending on whether the bird is out or in, and the bird acts as wings that Banchcrows can use to fly. Most Banchcrows are equipped purely with melee weaponry, and are seen as the sneak-attack footsoldiers of the EQuartz army.


Reapems are small, orblike machines with faces resembling cartoonish human skulls with outstretched tongues. Most of the body is covered in a greenish-black cloack, giving them a resemblance to miniature versions of the Grim Reaper. Reapems are brought out when wars end in areas, solely to harvest the souls of those who have fallen with either their tiny scythes or extendable tounges (similar in fashion to most amphibians.) Using built-in heatseeking technology, Reapems are able to see spirits outside of their bodies, something most EQuartz members require special goggles to do. Reapems are also used, in small numbers, during large wars between mechanical armies, where their tongues can transmit electromagnetic waves to alter enemy machines in various ways, from shorting them out to completely taking control of them.


Illumeleon's are small, short black lizards with wide, expressionless eyes radiating a yellow glow and random patterns on their backs, which sometimes form cohesive symbols are could just be nonsequitur splotches. With only two legs, Illumeleon's are very slow when walking, but possess great jumping ability and can even stretch out their skin to fly like a momonga. At the end of an Illumeleon's tail is a glowing orb resembling a lightbulb, which the Illumeleon can use to illuminate the area around it or absorb all light in a given area by generating a powerful gravity-field around it, which also forms a weak shield to protect it from ranged attacks, and can even fire the light back at an opponent as a condensed beam-attack. Illumeleon's generally show up in large numbers and like to scatter once engaged, allowing at least one to escape and attackan opponent.


Panepops are floating, blue, thin monolithic panels with various (though always similar) line patterns throughout, all connecting to a red orb on one side of the device. Panepop's have no sentience, always being remote-controlled en-masse to act as walls or form shields, basically anything that either blocks attacks or stalls opponents in general. Panepop's, on all sides that don't carry it's orb, are virtually indestructible, being incapable of resistang any attack with not even a scratch on them. As one could guess, the red orb on one of it's sides is the weak-spot, which causes the machine to explode into dozens of fragments once destroyed. These fragments act as an afterdeath attack, given that the machine needs to be destroyed in order for this to activate, and fly off in various random directions at high speeds, often taking down machines of both alignments down with them, making Panepop's very risky to deal with machines.

Major Works


See: AntiQuartz Scrapped Behemark

The Behemark was originally built as an endgame weapon, able to turn the tides of battle when nearing defeat. For whatever reason, the project was cancelled, and the remains were stored in an area that would become the EQuartz Waste Removal Facility as time passed.


see: EQuartz Orgorgoan

Once completed, the Orgorgoan will be used for nearly every major conflict EQuartz is involved with to quickly and efficiently end it in EQuartz' favor.


Ectoknights are tall, bulky machines mostly comprised of a strange ectoplasm comprised of millions of nanomachines acting as a liquid and large minor-machines the liquid uses. These include a knight's helmet to give the illusion of a head, a rounded set of chest armor with only 1 sleeve attached, 4 spikes that act as claws for the right hand, a lancelike hand that also functions as both a lightningrod and a lightning gun, and a pair of greaves for it's "feet." Ectoknights, being made of a liquid, are fully immune to physical attacks in it's vital areas, while most special attacks can be either blocked or fired back due to it's armor, making these very tricky enemies to defeat, which is made more difficult by how large in numbers they tend to appear in. Because they are made of a liquid, Ectoknights carry no true form, allowing them to morph into different shapes to benefit their tasks.


Similar to the Organdonizer, a Mechandonizer is an armlike machine designed to alter the body via surgery. Unlike it's counterpart, the Mechandonizer is used to replace pieces of one's (usually deceased) body with machinery. Using a mechanical eye hidden under one of it's side-panels, the Mechandonizer scans the target, determines which body parts should be removed, and quickly cut the required pieces off. It then forces the remaining body down a conveyor system to attach new, mechanical parts to them, insert all required programming to make the machine function, and activate him/her, sending that person off to an eternity of soulless slavery. Mechandonizers are usually operated in large numbers by a single console, which is usually hidden in another room for obvious reasons. At the moment, very few of these have been made and none have been released to the public.


Golephants are enourmous clay golems designed with many elephantine features. These include a long snout that constantly expels toxic gas when activated, giant flat feet designed for crushing lesser enemy troops, immense stoutness to act as a frontline shield for weak or damaged soldiers to hide behind, and massive ears that are actually used to intercept any enemy communications. Golephants are designated as frontline-walls, to take out the larger troops while paving the way for lesser units to quickly travel. Very few of these are ever used, as their immense size brings an added level of diccifulty to hide and carefully transport.


Sarcophons are floating, stone statues with expressionless faces and large, circular "mouths." powered by processed soul-energy obtained by Soul-Collector's, these units can absorb elemental attacks with the mouth-part of the face, which it can store and fire back at any other target. The eye areas can fire clear waves of energy that can paralyze an enemy on contact. There are elemental variations of these, being able to only fire one elemental attack but are immune to all attacks that do not have the Sarcophon's weakness-element applied to it (Example: Flame Sarcophons can only be affected by Water-element attacks)


EQuartz Industries/Fantoms

EQuartz αlpha

see: EQuartz αlpha


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