This is an article about EQuartz αlpha, a character created by Frozen Scorpio on 03/8/2015.

αlpha was once a cutting-edge synthetic brain tasked with learning and processing data about the world... with huge emphasis on WAS!


αlpha, in it's most basic form, resembles a white mechanical sphere with a single, large red eye and multiple lines stretching across it's surface. As it assimilates more objects, however, it's energy begins to form a small auralike barrier around the orb, this then being encased in a formless pink slime made from the matter of the consumed objects, broken down into this generic slime by way of nanomachines. This can easily take on any other form from here on, but the general form is the sphere both floating above a pool of the liquid and encased in a bubble of it.


αlpha, having been created so long ago, has no personality as a machine. The programming skills matched with the available technology were simply not enough to get such a thing working, leaving it with only basic instincts, those being to "learn and grow." This quickly changed to "assimilate and evolve" as time passed, though it has gained somewhat of a consciousness from evolution, but simply not yet enough to form independent emotions and ideologies beyond "consume, grow, repeat."


αlpha was first created many years ago, so far back that EQuartz was still named Soulstice Corp, by Soulstice scientists trying to emulate the self-intelligent nature of most living things within a machine. The project had received massive fundings and spanned the course of several years, eventually completing about 14 years after it originally started, though not fully what the scientists had originally planned. As the technology combined with the programming skills available at the time were simply too primitive, αlpha had several corners cut, leaving it without any sentient thought or personality. αlpha was used as a carrier probe to travel the world and gather intelligence on what it had observed, and had quickly covered the entire surface world within a month. After a few minor upgrades, it was then plunged into the planet to explore the many caves that existed throughout.

After returning from it's first expedition, αlpha had suffered major damages throughout, having been attacked by mad cave-dwellers with no way to defend itself. Repairs were made and a new feature was added, an experimental laser-gun within it's eye that would deteriorate whatever it fired at. Another expedition was had later, this time being a major success, though something new was discovered about αlpha that the creators themselves did not know about. Rather than simply destroy the matter of whatever it fired upon, αlpha converted it into a weird plasm that would seem to orbit around the sphere. It also seemed as if the information that an object, whether sentient or otherwise, had would be transferred inside of αlpha and mix with it's coding. At first, this was no issue, but quickly snowballed into one of the greatest catastrophies Mobius had ever seen.

After completing the last expedition of all land-based caverns, αlpha was supposed to return to Soulstice to be remodified to support underwater travel, but instead something completely different happened. αlpha fired a high-power version of it's Decompose Ray into the cave, leaving it a huge cylindrical hole void of any life, and had formed a large blob of slime around the core. αlpha had quickly become overwhelmed by the huge amount of animal data being processed within it, and had converted into a brainless monster whose only goal is to consume all that surround it, similar to an amoeba. αlpha had quickly begun this task, swallowing entire buildings whole in a manner of seconds, growing larger and larger, evolving through many stages of artificial "evolution," eventually reaching a point where it seemed that nothing could stop it. Eventually, the scientists who had once created the machine had discovered a way to stop it.

Throughout the various records of αlpha's rampage, all sources had no information on interactions between it and water. They quickly deduced that, since they never physically upgraded it to work underwater, and no aquatic life had ever been consumed, that water was the machine's weakness. Almost immediately, the government had developed a plan for containing the beast, by pushing it's outer-walls backwards until it eventually reached the ocean, where the liquid combining with the water disrupted the fluid's stability and decrease its mass, as well as causing a massive short-circuit that had overloaded the core, shutting it down and allowing Soulstice to secure it.

Throughout the events, hundreds of thousands of lives and civilized land totaling the size of many small countries combined had been lost to αlpha, the recovery fundings utterly crippling both the government and Soulstice's fundings, though both had eventually reached a full recovery as time passed. αlpha was quietly buried deep underneath the land where the main EQuartz disposal site would eventually form many years later. The pink terror of αlpha, at least from then to now, has been silenced, but who knows what lurks deep below the miles of garbage that have filled the area since, whether or not the beast simply sits their, idly waiting for it's moment to consume once more.


Due to αlpha's major damages during it's first cave-expedition, it was fitted with a highly-powerful Decompose Ray that was supposed to simply desintegrate the matter of whatever is hit, but instead something much worse had come from it. The matter of any object, whether sentient or not, will be broken down into a pink liquid by way of nanomachines that aloow the core to manipulate the liquid. Anthing caught within this liquid is kept in a weird stasis that keeps it both immobile and unnafected by the weather. After some time, these objects are eventually crushed from the pressure and assimilated into the goo. the nanomachines within the liquid can also re-arrange consumed matter to form plates of superdense metals that coat parts of the goo to act as both armor and weapons.


As αlpha's main function is to gather information, anything that is hit by the Decompose Ray is partially converted into data and absorbed into the core, where it is then processed and added to αlpha's endlessly growing library of knowledge. Through this, αlpha can use any attack that it had either observed or had been used by one absorbed by it in the past.


αlpha's biggest weakness, which is what also led to it's downfall, is it's inability to assimilate other liquids. The blood of it's victims had always seeped through the slime and would simply wetten the ground instead. An overexposure to other liquids can cause αlpha to short-circuit, shutting it down and deleting huge portions of it's stored data. A few other things to note are the general fragility and age of the orb taking effect if it were ever to reactivate, as the main machine of the whole thing is the main source of it's power and also where it processes movement functions for both it and the liquid surrounding it. The liquid also can only go so far away from αlpha's core before ceasing function due to being too far away to transmit a strong enough signal.

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