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EI-3 "Robina" is a

EI-3 "Robina"

Biographical Information
  • Active time - 5 years
  • Programmed age - 21
AliasRobina the Bat
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
SpeciesRobot - E.I. series (Shaped like a Bat)
GenderProgramming and shaping indicate female, gender is neutral due to robotic nature
  • Black base coat
  • Gray & white detailing on the body
  • Pale blue photoceptors
  • Mechanical wings
  • Synthetic flesh & fur of her main colour scheme (dark skin, black fur w/ gray & white detailing)
  • Loose silver tank-top
  • Gray skirt
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry & Equipment
  • Hypnotic ray-emitters fitted to photoceptors (in synthetic form looks like hypnotic beams fired from the eyes)
  • Retractable claws
  • Heavily armored front torso & body
  • Energy wave-emitters fitted to palms
  • Paint sprayers hidden within arms
  • Working mechanical wings
  • Cloaking device stored in chest
Programmed Abilities
  • Flight
  • Super-strength (synthetic)
  • Artificially recreates the genetic ability Sweet Sleeping Face
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original Creator
  • Flashfire212


EI-3, better known as "Robina the Bat", looks like a busty dark-skinned bat with black fur, her fur patterned with white and gray. However, when struck hard enough, or if hit with the right object (i.e. something hard enough to dent, cut or scratch steel), her true appearance can be revealed - the fur and skin for public view is a synthetic coating, over a near-identical robotic body. Her eyes are light blue, and glow in her robotic form.


In her synth-flesh covered form, Robina wears a loose silver-gray tank-top and a gray skirt, with no shoes. In her true robotic form, she wears nothing.


Equipment & Abilities

Built by Doctor Eggman as a member of the E.I. series, units designed to serve as personal servants and bodyguards to a variety of sub-bosses he had, Robina was programmed to cook, clean, and assist a Dark Egg Legion boss in their day-to-day life, as well as protecting them. To do this, she was fitted with four main tools - hypnotic beams built into her eyes, plus enhanced actuators to grant super-strength, pressurised liquid-sprayers built into her forearms for cleaning and retractable claws for extra reach in combat.

However, en route to her sub-boss, EI-3 was nearly destroyed by a strike team, with their attack corroding her main memory unit - giving the robot amnesia. A young punk with an eye for robotics found her, and made her his pet project. Over two months, he built her from-scratch an individualized personality, going so far as giving her a name. His modifications included a few unique additions - the entire front part of her body was covered in reclaimed Col'nesian steel, an alloy of unprecedented hardness. Energy-wave emitters were fitted to the palms of her hands, while the pressure tanks for water were removed and spray cans added in their place. Her mechanical wings were returned to full working order. The final addition was a layer of synthetic flesh and fur, performed by the punks' female friends, which perfectly matched her original paint scheme. This layer serves to slightly lessen the impact of electrical attacks, as well as to give her a more 'organic' appearance.

Artificially, Robina possesses a perfect replica of the genetic ability Sweet Sleeping Face. This a cloaking device fitted into her chest, so when she powers down, a second, small power supply activates this device and makes her invisible. With the team that took her in, of whom the teen who repaired her is the technical mind and support of, Robina serves as the Fly member, capable of easily carrying the other members.

In combat, Robina prefers to get in close and use the retractable claws and super-strength she possesses, although she has been known to use the twin spraycans to blind people, her armored front to step in and take attacks for her teammates, and the energy projectors in her hands to unleash an energy wave.

However, for all her strength, Robina has a few major weaknesses, the first one being a design issue Eggman hadn't noticed and her creator couldn't fix - a dangerous chain-reaction between Chaos Energy and her Shard-based reactor core that could quite possibly turn her into a bomb. Other than that, she suffers from weaknesses to extreme heat, which can cause her to shut down, and electrical abilities, which can short her body out.

Elementless Abilities

Psychic Abilities








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