The EEH-38 Portable Missile Launcher is an effective anti-vehicle missile launcher built by Hammerforge Industries, and employed to great use by G.U.N.

EEH-38 Portable Missile Launcher

Production Information
ManufacturerHammerforge Industries
Type84 mm guided missile launcher
Technical Information
Length102 cm
Weight6.7 kg
Maximum Range
  • 800m (unguided rockets)
  • 2100m (guided missiles)
  • Varied missiles & rockets, including a variety of warheads.
Known Users
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Attributes

Designed in response to a G.U.N. request for an anti-armor guided missile launcher, the EEH-38 was built purely to serve as just that - a guided missile launcher capable of being carried by a standard soldier, ablit one with a lighter load of other equipment than usual, with the ability to fire both guided and unguided rockets with a variety of warhead types. The design was rapidly completed, and the first few examples shipped out to the G.U.N. forces for trials.

The missile launcher surpassed expectations, with the ability to pierce the thickest armor in use by Eggman or the Black Arms with ease using the standard shaped HE warhead. The guidance systems are connected to the sight-line of the wielder - the missile travels at a high-speed and follows the movement of the launcher itself as the user tracks the target. This limits the effectiveness of the rifle against fast-moving targets, both on land and in the air, however the weapon is mostly designed for dealing with heavy armor.

In the rare cases of anti-infantry, anti-bot and capture operations, a variety of specialized warheads are available. These include fragmentation, thermal, cryogenic, ionic and concussion shots, amongst others.


Due to the use of the weapon, there is actually no true "variants". Instead, the variations between weapons are attributed to the different ammunition types it can take, ranging from specialized anti-air missiles through armor-piercing rounds to concussion missiles and ion burst warheads designed to disable electronics and energy shields.

Customized Examples

Known Users

  • Gabriel Strange - A member of the G.U.N. Second Naval Fleet and a skilled demolitions agent, as well as a Powered Trooper, allowing for a greater weight to be carried, Gabriel is one of the soldiers who has specialized with these weapons in particular, pulling off impressive shots with the guided rockets.
  • Lois the Rat - A soldier in the Pyranic Empire; Lois utilizes her rocket launcher to great effect against armored and fortified targets.
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