The E-Viruses are the main antagonists of Cyber Sonic.


The E-Viruses are special programs that have the ability to takeover the bodies of Mobians through electronics. But, rather then fusing with the EM Waves a Mobian emits like a Wisp, the E-Viruses fuse with the body directly. Forcing a Mobian into Cyberspace is highly dangerous and in some serious cases can kill the host.

List of E-Viruses

  • E-07: Silver Moon: Took over Lupe Wolf. Had the power to create illusions that has destructive effects in Cyberspace. (Created by MrBLUERANGERHERO)
  • E-12: Boom Blaster: Took over Miles "Tails" Prowler. Has the power to manipulate sound and create sound constructs. (Created by couellette579)
  • E-22: Vector Arrow: Took over Geoffrey St. John. Had the power to shoot directional arrows that launch foes.
  • E-252: Maroon Inferno: Taken over Sally Acorn. Has fire manipulation powers. (Created by SS252)
  • E-666: Slots: Took over a lazy-eyed teacher. It shoots randomized attacks by pulling its lever.
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