E-123 Omega (Ω) is an incredibly powerful and dangerous robot created by Dr. Eggman. He is part of the E-100 Series and bears a striking resemblance to E-102 Gamma.

He has powerful and lethal weapons installed in his wide arms, making him a formidable opponent. These include machine guns, flamethrowers, missile launchers and likely many more.



Omega is equipped with over three dozen forms of weaponry concealed in his arms, (somewhat similar to that of Grounder), including two rapid-fire machine guns, two flamethrowers, two missile launchers, two powerful energy cannons and likely many more weapons. He is equipped with remarkably strong armour that can withstand powerful blows by some of the strongest (known) Mobians alive. Omega can also utilize jet boosters built in his back to help accelerate and hover, making him somewhat fast.

He has also displayed considerable physical strength, capable of destroying titanium robots, (such as Egg Pawns), with his metal fists and has very sharp digits that can tear through metal. He also has some kind of built in sensor that allows him to locate robots, life forms and other various objects.


Like many of Eggman's other robots, Omega was programmed with a personality. He thinks other Eggman robots are inferior to him, that he is the most powerful and will jump at any chance to prove so.

Omega's only goals in life are to take revenge on Eggman for disabling him and destroy the doctor's other robots to prove himself superior. Omega is also fairly loyal and dependable when you're on his good side, which is a bit of a holdover from his original purpose as a servant.

Stereotypical of most robots, Omega tends to use somewhat lengthy words instead of casual speech used by living beings. An example of this is when he uses "negative" or "affirmative" instead of simply saying yes or no.


Omega showed distinct interest in NICOLE after she showed equally destructive capabilites to his own, and even asked her if she would "PRODUCE THE CODING FOR" his "DESTRUCTIVE MINIATURE REPRODUCTIONS?" To which she simply replied "You're not my type." [1]

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