E-106 Eta MkII

E-106R Eta Kai

Physical Description
Species Robian
Political Alignment and Abilities

Robotnik Empire

Abilities detach head and blow it up, create bombs, fist barrage attack
Voice Actor

Jon St. John

E-106 Eta (η) MkII, also known as E-106R Eta Kai (η改), is the seventh of the E-Series Robots and rebuilt version of E-106 Eta.


While being purely made for attack, E-106 Eta has the ability to split its head from its body to scare or strike opponents or simply attack them with its large fists. He can also create bombs who look like the character Bomb from Knuckles' Chaotix.


Battle with the Underground

When Robotnik sent the E-Series into battle Eta went down to a fake-out maneuver from Sonic and Tails. VS. E-Series

Last ditch battle

Robotnik used the entire E-Series to kill the Underground, but the planned didn't work and Eta was part of the members of the team who didn't survive the EMP and was destroyed. Super Sonic Adventure

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