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Gamma MkII

E-102 Gamma MkII
  • Mr. Robot MkII
  • Inferior Model MkII
  • E-102R Gamma Kai
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
GenderN/A; referred to as male
  • Height: 217 cm (7'1")
  • Weight: 1867.483 lbs
  • Eyes: Green
  • Color scheme: Red, Yellow, Grey, Black, Blue
Attire N/A
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Solid Knuckle
  • Paralyze Dagger
  • Devastator
  • Blinker
  • Buster Drill
  • Laser Blaster
  • Machine Guns
  • Beam Cannon
  • Missile Launcher
  • Repulsor Beam
  • Gamma Lance
  • Tazer Palm
  • Flamethrower
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Pulse Cannon
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.

Jon St. John

Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)

Sonic VS. Sonic

Original Creator Kagimizu (fandom rendition of pre-existing character)

E-102 Gamma (γ) MkII, also known as E-102R Gamma Kai (γ改), is the rebuilt version of E-102 Gamma.


Main Article: E-102 Gamma




Gamma, as a robot, is largely emotionless. However, what signs of emotion Gamma does show depict him as a cool-headed, calculating, and loyal character. He is an assassin, able to take down enemies without any conscience. However, Gamma is also depicted as a nature-lover, using restraint if anything or anyone could get caught in the crossfire of a battle.


Gamma's reconstruction gifted him with numerous vast improvements. All of Gamma's programming was improved by leaps and bounds, allowing for far more superior data processing, which results in optimized battle capabilities. Gamma's improved motor functions allow for much faster reaction time, while his upgraded visual reception systems allow Gamma to register up to 40 targets moving at speeds of up to 270 mph with a maximum range of 300 meters radius. His armor and durability has been equally improved; shots of similar caliber to the one that originally "killed" him will merely knock him back. Gamma's propulsion system has also been upgraded. While his previous anti-gravity disk only allowed for limited altitude gain and slowed descent, his new system allows high-speed flight and a change of trajectory in at a moment's notice. His laser scope has actually had the most improvements; the scope has an additional four laser pointers on independent axes, capable of marking multiple opponents or taking pinpoint focus on a single target.



  1. Laser Blaster: Gamma's original weapon, now installed in both arms. While not overly fast and powerful, Gamma has shown more than enough adeptibility with this weapon against larger, more heavily-armed opponents.
  2. Solid Knuckle: Gamma transforms one or both of his hands and forearms into larger versions, with increased strength and power.
  3. Paralyze Dagger: A two-pronged claw-like dagger that is capable of discharging large amounts of electricity. The blade is capable of spreading apart to be used for attacks and to use his "Devastator" attack.
  4. Blinker: This weapon has been greatly upgraded. Gamma now has two of these weapons, each attached on his back. When inactive, these Blinkers can act as jet boosters, which while unusable for flight, can give Gamma a much-needed burst of speed. These weapons have lasers, missile launchers, and its namesake automated blinding grenades. They also have independent visual receptors that can be used for targeting, so as to not compromise Gamma's visual reception.
  5. Buster Drill: Gamma transforms his hand into a long piercing drill. The drill is used primarily for dashing attacks and quick jabs to tear through opponents and obstacles.
  6. Machine Guns: Installed in both of his arms, Gamma is eqquiped with a rapid-fire machine gun, capable of firing numerous rounds in seconds.
  7. Beam Cannon: A powerful laser cannon that allows Gamma to blast through targets. By swinging it like a blade, Gamma is able to wipe out numerous targets.
  8. Missile Launcher: Unlike his "brother" Omega, Gamma's missiles are designed to drill into and embed in targets, then explode, rather than cause damage through raw explosive power.
  9. Repulsor Beam: An experimental weapon developed by G.U.N., this beam is built for crowd-control, able to repel even the largest targets without injuring them. While not able to injure opponents in itself, the energy is able to crush obstacles.
  10. Gamma Lance: Installed in both arms, this long lance-like laser blade allows Gamma to peirce through and slash targets with ease.
  11. Tazer Palm: Installed in his palms, this weapon is able to hit a target with voltage ranging from a static shock to that of a police-grade stungun. Of his close-combat weapons, this one is favored when lethal force cannot be used.
  12. Flamethrower: A very powerful weapon, Gamma's flamethrower differs from Omega's in that Gamma's flames are narrower and put under higher pressure, meant to melt specific targets rather than bathe everything in flames.
  13. Grenade Dispenser: This weapon transforms Gamma's hand into a uniquely built holster, which can hold up to three grenades. The Grenade Launcher can open up into three "claws" to release the grenades. Gamma has three types of grenades at his disposal; splinter bombs with a great amount of shrapnel, flash bombs that can blind multiple opponents, and concussion grenades that create powerful shockwaves able to dent metal.
  14. Pulse Cannon: A very powerful weapon; Gamma transforms both of his arms into cannons, which generate a small ball of energy in between them. A bullet-sized laser of compressed energy is fired from the orb at high speeds, and upon contact the pressurized energy is released into a powerful blast. The energy orb gradually shrinks as the energy is fed into the explosion through the laser until the orb dissipates.

S-001 Alpha Program



Statyx the Hedgehog

Pending Reconstruction

E-123 Omega

Gamma and Omega have a strong and bitter rivalry. Both of them have reason for hating the other. Omrga hates Gamma because Omega believes Gamma is an "inferior model", believing it offensive to him that Gamma had been rebuilt. Gamma however hates Omega not just for calling him an inferior robot, but also for Omega's highly destructive ways, believing them crude and uneccessary. The two can hardly be in the same vicinity without clashing. While they both could destroy the other, the battle usually end with Statyx threatening to use his electrokinesis to "rip them both apart", which always puts Gamma and Omega back in their places. The only time they can get along is whenever Eggman is involved, particularly the idea of harming Eggman.

Amy Rose

During his rebuilding, Gamma's original memories of Amy were restored. Gamma feels rather close to the pink hedgehog, and will do whatever is necessary to help or protect her. Gamma will often feel conflicted whenever Statyx and Amy are involved, particularly when Amy is angry at Statyx. It has also been hinted that Gamma may have a slight fear of Amy, as whenever Amy shows signs of anger or fury, Gamma will immediately attempt to slink away.


Gamma, like almost any other, dislikes Eggman. While Gamma hates Eggman with a passion, he does not thrive on the idea of defating/killing Eggman like Omega. Rather, Gamma merely wishes to keep Eggman from causing further destruction.

Shelly the Hedgehog

Shelly is somewhat to Gamma what Shadow is to Omega. While the two don't interact often, the two are fairly close, partially because of their common opinions of Omega and Eggman. However, Gamma will often frankly mention Shelly's biological roots (being the biological offspring of Amy & Sonic), which irritates Shelly to the point where she attacks Gamma. However, Gamma will block Shelly's blows with ease (much to the shock of all present), and simply continue the conversation as if nothing was happening.

Differences between MkI and MkII

While Gamma is largely the same on the outside, there are still noticeable differences:

  • The "E" on Gamma's chest has a blue slash through it, symbolizing his defection from Eggman.
  • Gamma MkII has two arms, instead of just one arm and a gun.
  • Gamma's arms are larger.
  • Gamma has spikes on the back of his lower legs.
  • Gamma's Gravity Disk has been replaced by two much more traditional-looking, though much more effective, jet attachments on his back.
  • Gamma no longer has his headlight.
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