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E-100 Alpha MkII
  • Unknown
  • E-Series
  • E-100R Alpha Kai
  • ZERO
  • Robot Guard
  • Guard Robo
Team affliction
  • Robotnik Empire
Physical Description
Species Robot
Gender Referred to as a male
  • Black and blue body (formerly)
  • Red, yellow, green and white body (currently)
Abilities and forms
  • Hover
  • Shape-shifting
  • Time-travel
  • Guns
  • Blades
Alternate Forms
Theme Song
E-102 Theme Remix From Sonic Adventure

E-102 Theme Remix From Sonic Adventure

"E-100 Alpha: ready for action."
—E-100 Alpha.

E-100 Alpha (α)

E-100 Alpha (α) MkII, also known as E-100R Alpha Kai (α改), is an E-Series test model robot made by Doctor Eggman and the upgraded version of E-100 Alpha. He was put through a series of tests, even after the creation of E-101 Beta MkII.


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Alpha's Story

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Alpha is capable of feeling emotions, which is a factor that got him scrapped. He is also capable of feeling happiness, sadness, fear and anger.


Shapeshifting - Alpha can transform his body into vehicles.

  • Bike
  • Hovercraft
  • Small plane (similar to that of Tails' Tornado/Cyclone)
  • Walker

As a robot, he can change his body into weapons. He can change his arms into guns, blades and even a chainsaw. But, they can also be changed into other things, like a grapple, hammer, shield etc.

Enhanced Shooting - When giving a certain power-up, he can change what his weapons' abilities are e.g.: Ice Bullets, Fire Rockets, Electric Blade etc.


Rosalina the Light

His relationship with Rosalina is that of a guardian. Rose found Alpha on a beach and got him repaired. As such, Alpha has remained loyal to her for saving him.

Memorable Quotes

"L-Loc-cation: ..Unknown. St-St-Status mode: Shutdown..." -Alpha shutting down on the beach.

"Sy-Systems r-reactivated. Sc-Scanning area. Life-form f-found. ..H-Help.." -When Rosalina found him.

"Thank you for repairing me. I am E-100 Alpha. I shall assist you."


  • Alpha's theme is a remix of E-102 Gamma's from Sonic Adventure. This is because Gamma was Nefereti's favorite character in Sonic Adventure DX and she wanted to create a character inspired by Alpha.


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