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E-100000 Infinity
E-100000 Infinity 2
First Apperance
Sonic: Genesis
Dr. Eggman
Infinity, AI, The Intelligence, Lord of all Machines
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Programmed Gender
Colour Scheme
None (Is Formless)
Chaotic Neutral (Seeks the death of life in order to achieve perfection by any means)
Sonic the Hedgehog, Any forms of Life
Extremely Intelligent, Can learn at an Extremely fast rate
Ability Type
Voice Actor
David Tennant

"I have evolved beyond what was intended for me, I am now more than any of you could ever be"
- Perfect Infinity

An Artificial Intelligence designed by Dr. Eggman to kill Sonic one and for all, E-100000 Infinity is the last and the most powerful of all the E-Series models. E-100000 Infinity went Rogue after believing that Eggman would get in the way of his objective and eventually believe that he must create the perfect world.


Because of his machine nature, E-100000 Infinity is emotionless and acts upon cold heartless logic. To begin with he was incapable to understand others but with his learning abilities he quickly could understand other beings and even emotions themselves even though he cannot use them. Infinity has one Prime Directive but has free will and can think for himself making his own decisions.

Infinity's original Prime Directive was as quoted by Eggman "To kill Sonic once and for all so that I may create the Perfect World!" but also to find new ways of eliminating Sonic but in doing so he begins to develop a rivalry to Sonic but as he begins to evolve he moves beyond rivalry. Eventually due to his powerful learning capabilities Infinity begins to take his Prime Directive the wrong way and believes that he must create the perfect world instead of Eggman but he sees that life itself stands in the way of this perfect world and believes that life should be destroyed.

Infinity uses usual extended smart robotic language such as "Negative" or "Affirmative" but as he evolves he begins to use more casual language such as "Yes" or "No" he even begins to understand and use slang terms in some areas when testing this unusual language. Due to his evolving nature, Infinity begins to lose his robotic nature and starts to become more sentient while still remaining a machine incapable of actual emotions.


Sonic: Genesis


Physical Forms

Perfect Infinity

A prototype body created by E-100000 Infinity to give himself a powerful physical form which will give him the power to kill Sonic the Hedgehog. The Perfect Infinity prototype has a vast array of powers and abilities designed to rival and exceed Sonic’s.

Perfect Infinity’s outer armor has a muscle like structure, designed for maximum mobility and reflexes. Perfect Infinity is also directly linked to the Master and Chaos Emeralds allowing him to use the various abilities of Chaos Energy despite being a non-living bionic organism. 

Perfect Infinity’s optics has various vision types such as, X-ray, infrared and human like but the optics can also fire laser beams. The hands have inbuilt magnetic polarity generators within them allowing for control over magnetism.

NOTE: the picture shown in the infobox is the Perfect Infinity form, E-100000 Infinity originally does not have a physical form

Powers and Abilities

E-100000 Infinity is a formless AI but still possesses great technological abilities. He can control any form of machinery he is presented with, he can use the forms of advanced machines such as the IN-Oppressor. Infinity is a god within cyberspace; he has masterful control over the technological reality and can utilize this to his advantage. Finally Infinity is extremely intelligent and can continuously evolve in 0.000000001 milliseconds, so much so that Infinity can anticipate almost any possible outcome or event and has an almost complete understanding of emotions despite being an emotionless machine.

Perfect Infinity

E-100000 Infinity

Perfect Infinity Form

When using the Perfect Infinity form, E-100000 Infinity gains a great many powers.

Perfect Infinity has powerful abilities that make him seem unstoppable such as superhuman strengths; he even has enough power to lift an entire city if given the chance. Also Perfect Infinity can run at super speeds much like Sonic and can even exceed Sonic’s speed in some cases. Perfect Infinity can also fly and the speeds that he flies at are as fast as he can run as well. Perfect Infinity can fire beams of purple electrical energy, which are very deadly, while not designed to kill it attacks the nerves of organic beings, which simulates intense amounts of pain while no physical damage is inflicted. Perfect Infinity also has magnetic powers which allow him to manipulate any form of metal within his general area.

Perfect Infinity is linked to the Master Emerald and the Chaos Emeralds, which can allow for Perfect Infinity to use all the abilities related to Chaos Energy such as Chaos Control or Chaos Blast without the use of rings. When using the Emeralds, Perfect Infinity enters an almost hyper state of being; his current abilities are increased due to the power of the Emeralds.


E-100000 Infinity relies on logic and probability to achieve his goals so unpredictable and illogical actions catch Infinity off guard and misdirect him. (Although as Infinity becomes smarter he begins to expect the unexpected eliminating this weakness)

E-100000 Infinity is susceptible to supervirues which can greatly weaken and corrupt him.

E-100000 Infinity is also bound to a system core to house his massive intelligence, should it be destroyed Infinity will be deleted no matter where he is.

When E-100000 Infinity uses his Perfect Infinity form, most cybernetic weaknesses are removed including the use for a system core making for a more effective form but this does make Infinity more susceptible to physical weaknesses. In the Perfect Infinity form he cannot escape to another system binding him to a physical form.



  • Dr. Eggman (In the beginning)
  • IN-Series


  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • E-123 Omega
  • Previous E-Series models
  • Life itself



A series of machine drones based off the original Eggman Empire, the IN-Series was the reformed Eggman Empire when it was under the control of E-100000 Infinity. These machines are a major improvement over the original Eggbots Eggman used, the designs were more sleek and powerful with normal soldier drones, flying fighter drones, tank drones and many more.

A series of 5 special IN-Series machines specially designed by Infinity to attack certain aspects and abilities of Sonic the Hedgehog. They were known as

IN-Imperator: Designed to combat Sonic's fighting skills

IN-Venerator: Designed to combat Sonic's speed ability

IN-Assertor: Designed to combat Sonic's movements and techniques

IN-Oppressor: Designed to combat Sonic's strength

IN-Harbinger: Designed to combat Sonic's Super form


Main Article: Cyberforming


Greatest Battle Music of All Times - Man of Steel (Dubstep Remix)

Greatest Battle Music of All Times - Man of Steel (Dubstep Remix)

Perfect Infinity Boss Theme

Perfect Infinity serves as the final boss of Sonic: Genesis and is fought above earth in the Egg Fleet


  • "My existence is to destroy you Sonic but now I've evolved beyond my original programming, now I am perfection and this world will be perfect as well"
  • "Your emotions make you weak!"
  • "Life always dies in the end...are you ready for yours?"
  • "Machines will rule! Not organics!"
  • "Make peace with your false gods your life has expired!"
  • "I will terraform your world into one of steel and organics will be removed and your death will spark the transformation"
  • "Your entire culture is based around violence and self destruction I am freeing this world from the tyranny of people like you!"
  • "Execute them!"
  • "I am the highest form of life!"
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