E-1,986 Timeweaver was briefly mentioned in Heroes From An Old World whenever Dr. Madness, Scratch, Grounder, and E-10,000 Ultranos were discussing what to do about the losses they suffered from their forest base's destruction. It is unknown what it looks like, although from the dialogue sent between the group, it sounded like E-1,986 Timeweaver is female, and is possibly like Warp in the extent that she is a cyborg too.


As her name suggests, E-1,986 Timeweaver has the power over time. Dr. Madness revealed that she can rewind time up to six hours, but that was all he was able to reveal before Scratch and Grounder's consistent arguing gave him a migrane. It is unknown currently how power E-1,986 Timeweaver is with time itself.

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E-1,986 Timeweaver is OC property of the fanfiction author SonicKnuckles, whom has given INFERNOX permission to use E-1,986 Timeweaver for HFAOW.

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