E-1,006 Omega (2) is the technical one-thousand-and-sixth robot created by Dr. Madness for his E-Thousand army. E-1,006 Omega was the alias Warp went under whenever Warp was roboticized by Dr. Madness in his past. This roboticized version looked generally the same as Warp, although with metallic features (like Metal Sonic, in any continuity.)

Warp got his nanotech system, his ability to turn his hands into any weapon, and his power scanner techniques from the roboticization. Unfortunately, he is now robotic internally, making him vulnerable to EMP grenades, which is a fatal flaw for Warp now.


Although E-1,006 Omega was only (and barely) described in the third chapter of Heroes From An Old World, it could be assumed that E-1,006 Omega was cold, cruel, calculative, and heartless, although not as tricky to decipher as E-10,000 Ultranos.


  • E-1,006 Omega was defeated and reversed back into Warp by aid of his friend Scott and a reformed E-1,000 Theta.
  • E-1,006 Omega was probably the first robot Dr. Madness made from actual roboticization, although this is unknown. This theory may be true, however, since the only other Metal Sonic-esque robot is E-10,000 Ultranos, meaning that E-1,006 Omega gave Dr. Madness future ideas for the E-Thousands.
  • Warp still retains his data plannings and scans from his time as E-1,006 Omega, but he has lost his memory of what had transpired during that time. Warp does know, however, that he did kill people as E-1,006 Omega; an act that gives him great grief and shame to this day.
  • E-1,006 Omega is based on Metal Sonic, and maybe even Silver Sonic.

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