This is an article about Dysturbis, a character created by KaiserDarque on 01/2/2013.


Dysturbis's true form is impossible to comprehend by mortals; it disobeys all rules of logic, reason and physics.

When interacting with mortals, he takes the form of a pink hedgehog-like creature. He has tentacles instead of spines, appearing like the front quills of Silver and the back quills of Shadow. He is larger and thinner than an average Mobian, with long, slender fingers and no tail. His skin is grey, and he has no fur on his arms and no mouth on his muzzle. His eyes are completely white. A large vertical mouth goes down his stomach, which opens to reveal a huge eye. Anyone looking upon this eye goes insane.

When possessing someone, their eyes turn completely white and their skin goes grey. Their fur can often become a pinker shade, as well.


Dysturbis is a god of insanity: as such, he is the epitome of crazy. Completely insane. He also is incredibly evil: he literally exists only to spread insanity and misery amongst the mortal world.


Dysturbis has existed since the beginning of the universe: His history would take years to tell.


Dysturbis has a myriad of powers, being a deity. These include:

  • Entropy
  • Space
  • Spectrakinesis
  • Abyss
  • Neuro
  • Creation
  • Psychokinesis

He can also possess people and sap people's sanity with direct contact or shatter it outright with the gaze from his hidden eyeball.

Also, during the Advent of Vesania, a celestial event that happens once every several years, his strength increases exponentially, almost completely stripping away his weaknesses and granting him even greater power.


Dysturbis is incredibly powerful, as he is a deity of insanity. His powers, however, have no effect on people who are incapable of insanity: i.e. other deities, or people with conditions that prevent this. 

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