Dynomite is a character created by FlowerOfTheWind. She is a famous popstar from Cosmetica who comes from planet to planet to be popular.


Dynomite is a tall, slender and beautiful woman with dark skin, short black hair with a fringe what covers her left eye and dark violet eyes. She also wears a black suit covered by a pink top with various buttons on it with a grey belt with a pink heart on it. She also has robotic arms with white gloves, along with wearing pink high-heeled boots.


Dynomite is a comic-relief and joker character. She is somewhat sadistic, due to the fact that she likes seeing people she hates getting hurt. She is also incompetent and bumbling at her jobs, due to the fact that she's comedic. Dynomite can also be seen as a playful and friendly Cosmetican, like the time when she played tag with their "creator".


For a long, long time ago, Dynomite was created by an unknown scientist from Cosmetica who created her as to get more and more attention from fans. However, instead of being that evil, Dynomite became a kind and gentle character everybody wanted to have as a roommate.


  • Dynomite's design is based off Mettaton's Ex form from the popular 2015 indie game, "Undertale". She also has similar quotes and personality traits to them.
  • Their name is a pun on "dynamite".
  • She is the secound character by FlowerOfTheWind to be identified as demisexual, first being Snowey the Kitsune.
  • Dynomite's birthday is February 14 (Valentine's Day).
  • Whenever she sees a hater of them, she will attack them with heart-based attacks.
  • In one of the concept arts, Dynomite's gender went from female to male, from male to female. However, the creator got sick and tired of what choosing what gender she would be, she was confirmed to be a demigirl.


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