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This is an article about Dynamo The Fox, a character created by Legorulez49 on 07/18/2013.

Appearance Dynamo is a green fox who wears gray and red shoes that have lightning bolts on the sides and gray gloves, he also has red eyes.


Dynamo is very sweet and loyal to all of his friends and allies. He has a very bad anger problem in which he will become out of control if he gets enraged. he is also very emotional and often cries at his failures, he often become depressed.


Dynamo The Fox, The God Of Lighting was born in Berlin Germany on October 27th, 1997, he is the oldest of all of his siblings, he once entered the Street Fighting tournament, he nearly won but when he was at his last opponent, Chun Li Xiang, he suddenly fell in love with her, he resigned from the tournement but he will return one day to accomplish his goal. He has been tought by Ryu to preform many of his fighting moves, including the Hadouken, Shoryuken and many other moves.


Electric attacks, numerous super transformations, copy abillity.

Special Abilities

Dynamo can use magnetic telekinesis, he can also copy and learn any other electric based attack his opponent uses.


Dynamo can absorb all types of electricity and release them back, he can teleport on certain occasions, he can telepathically communicate with all of his siblings no matter where they are in the universe,


His weaknesses include Rubber material (due to rubber being able to resist electricity), sharp objects, his lethal Peanut Allergy and rocks.