Dylan the Crocodile is a character from IncaIceBunny's Fanfictions. He is the oldest child and the older son of Joseph T. Marley and the late Martha the Crocodile , the older brother of Vector the Crocodile, Anna the Crocodile , and Emma the Crocodile. He is also the husband of Sugar the Rabbit, and the father of the late LaRae. He works for the Chaotix, but on a different branch than his brother, Vector.


Early Childhood

Dylan the Crocodile (His full name being Dylan Joseph Marley) was the firstborn child of Joseph T. Marley, and the now late Martha the Crocodile. Not long after, he became the older brother of Anna and Vector the Crocodile , and later the older brother of Emma the Crocodile. Six months after Emma was born, his mother had died from falling down the stairs, and breaking her neck.

His father was close in business with Rex's father, who had later married a woman with a daughter named Sarah, and another partner of his was a  woman with two daughters, Sugar and Vanilla. As a result, he and his siblings would often play together with the other children, while their parents discussed business matters, since they were close in age.

When he was old enough, he had attended Springsdale school, a school that supported education for the elementary, secondary, and high-school levels.


Dylan still was close with his siblings and the children of his father's business partners. However, it was not long before thier father started to take part in some suspcious activity, and soon enough, Queen Aleena had gone missing, and Joseph had agreed to take over Mobius, until her hopeful return.

Convinced thier father had either captured or killed the queen, Dylan, Vector, and Sarah had formed the Marley and Seawall Detective Agency, in hopes of finding the lost queen, while solving smaller cases along the way. The others in the group who did not join were notable allies.

When Sarah had caught an unknown disease a few months after the Marley and Seawall Agency had formed, he and his siblings were able to convince thier father to get the scientists and doctors to research her disease, along with the moderately significant cases of people who had caught it, in hopes to find a cure and save them. During that time, he and the rest of the group tried to help take care of Sarah the best he could, but she had eventually died, because the cure was not found in time, leaving them devastated. Not long after, the Marley and Seawall agency disbanded, having losing thier tracker, and at the time unable to find someone to match her skills. Sugar was the one who helped Dylan get over his grief for his lost friend the most, and the two had begun dating soon afterwards.

Not long after, he had gotten Sugar pregnant with his child. His younger brother and sister, Vector and Anna, were the first people he had turned to for advice, and they both agreed that since it was his child, it was his responsibility, and that he would take care of Sugar and the baby, before and after it was born. Not long after, Rex and Vanilla were also expecting a child at a young age, though the two revealed they had eloped, knowing thier parents would not approve, but there were records showing the two were legitimately married,despite that they had lied about their age to do so.

Sugar's mother was horrified about her daughters' intimate activity with their significant others, whereas Joseph could not care less, since he felt that his son had betrayed him a long time before. Sugar had told her mother about thier plans to get married, since they were expecting, but she did not approve, mostly because of their young age. However, she did allow Dylan to stay with them until the baby was born.

Six months into Sugar's pregnancy, she had delivered early and nearly suffered a stroke. Sugar lived, but thier daughter, who she and Dylan had agreed to name LaRae, died one hour after she was born, leaving the new parents devastated.  As a result, Rex and Vanilla allowed the two to help out with thier daughter Cream once in a while, born three months afterwards, probably because they had felt bad about what happened to her.

Even though helping with Cream gave them a little bit of parental experience, and LaRae's death allowed Sugar to be able to go back to school, their grief for their deceased daughter lingered in their hearts for a long time. But it was because of Dylan's loyalty to Sugar and the fact that he cared so deeply about her, that Sugar's mother finally gave them her blessing, allowing him to marry her after they graduated, since he was so good to her.

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IncaIceBunny's Fanfictions

Sonic Fanfiction

Appearances in Chapters 1-5

Dylan first appears in the first part of Chapter 1 in Sonic Fanfiction, as one of the judges of the chili-dog eating contest. He walks up onto a small stage, and explains the rules and dangers of the eating contest. However, Sonic tunes him out by the time he gets to the dangers, just wanting to eat the chili-dogs. Sonic reaches for one, and Dylan announces he forgot to mention that  anyone who eats a chili-dog before the contest begins, is disqualified. He then looks over at Sonic, and tells him to put it down, even calling him "blue guy". By the time the speech is over, a large timer appears on the screen behind him, starts, and the contest begins.

Near the end of the contest, Dylan announces the contest will end a few minutes early, and Blaze is revealed to be the winner, actually finishing her plate before anyone else. The other two judges, Rouge and Amy, both agree that Blaze is the winner, Amy even calling her by name. After Sonic comments on Blaze's weight gain, Dylan announces that she can  come up to the stage to recieve her prize, five-hundred rings. Dylan congratulates her, and she tells him honestly that she was not in it for the money.

In the second part of Chapter 1, Dylan is mentioned by Charmy when he is tempted to kick Sonic in the back of the head for being mean to Blaze, but since Dylan was most likely close by, and though on a different branch, a member of the Chaotix, he decides not to, since he could get in trouble.

Dylan is later seen in Charmy's flashback after Rouge asks about the Chaos Emerald they may be harboring. Charmy, along with the rest of the Chaotix are in Dylan's office for a brief yet important meeting. Dylan and Uno pull a small yet heavy safe from underneath the floorboards. After Charmy flies around the room singing "safe" in an unplanned melody, Dylan tells Charmy to go sit by Espio, and tells the rest of the Chaotix that he an Uno got a call from a client who found the Yellow Chaos Emerald, and they were being paid to keep it safe. He adds that he does not know how long they are going to keep it safe for, but he wanted the other branch to know that it was there, and Uno will guard it since he lives there. When he is finished, he asks Charmy and Espio if they understood what he said, and then asks Vector the same question. Vector however did not understand what was going on, since he had been trying to tune Charmy out.

He is mentioned, though not by name, in the first part of Chapter 3, when Vector tells Espio that his father let he and his siblings just get away with whatever they want.

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So far, his only known personality trait is his sense of humor, which seems to be playful and light. The had been shown in  Sonic Fanfiction during the chili-dog eating contest in Chapter 1, was when he was going over the rules, and Sonic had tuned him out, simply wanting to eat the chili-dogs. As Sonic reaches for one, Dylan announces he forgot to mention that anyone who eats a chili dog before the contest begins is disqualified, then looking at Sonic, telling him to put it down, even calling him "blue guy". 

More of his personality has yet to be shown.


Dylan is 6'0" (183 cm) and his weight is unknown. He is slightly taller and more slender than his brother, Vector. He has brown scales, and light brown scales on his muzzle, arms and tummy, and has orange eyes.

Dylan usually wears a plain black t-shirt with blue jeans, white gloves, and black shoes. However, in some scenes, he wears a black hoodie with a plain white t-shirt underneath, in place of the plain-black t-shirt.


Dylan has superstrength, though most noticably in his jaws, even being able to crush metal with them.

Also, like most crocodiles, Dylan is a skilled swimmer, and can hold his breath underwater for long periods of time.

Dylan is an experienced detective, and has good observation skills

While Dylan cannot run superspeed, his speed on foot is noticably above-average.

Dylan seems to have stealth of some sort, being able to go undetected when on missions



Current Relatives

  • Mildred the Crocodile (Maternal Aunt, deceased)
  • LaRae (Daughter, deceased)

Future Relatives

  • Luke the Crocodile (Nephew)
  • Kyle the Crocodile (Nephew)
  • Toby the Crocodile (Nephew)
  • Monica the Crocodile (Niece)
  • Hattie the Crocodile (Niece)
  • Argyle the Crocodile (Nephew)
  • Lucy Sewall (Niece, possibly)
  • Carson the Crocodile (Brother-in-law)
  • Sarah Seawall (Sister-in-law, possibly)
  • Charmy Bee (Son-in-law)
  • Mystery Bee (Granddaughter) 





  • Joseph T. Marley (Also father)


"Oh, and I forgot to mention that anyone who eats before the timer is set off, are disqualified." (Looks over at Sonic, smiles.) "That's right, Blue Guy. Lookin' at you. Put it down."

-Sonic Fanfiction, Chapter 1


  • Since his father, Joseph, ruled Mobius for some time, some may consider him a prince.
  • He and his brother, Vector, seem to bear some resembleance to their father.
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