Clash of Mythics


"That Burst lady sounds pretty damn dangerous. Today's gonna be a good day."
—upon deciding that he'll chase after Burst for her bounty
"Goddammit, David! Will you quit being a hardass and listen to me for one goddamn second!?"
—losing his patience with Zagan's one-track mind

Regular Matches

"Ready when you are!"
—when selected
"Alright, I've been itchin' for a good ass-kickin'!"
—before starting a match
"(...) Aw, c'mon, Dave. Lighten up a little, will ya?"
—before starting a match against Zagan
"(...) I've been making progress. Care to see what I've got? (...)"
—before starting a match against Whirlwind
"Haha, guess you shouldn't have underestimated me, eh?"
—winning a match
"No hard feelings, okay buddy? I'll buy you a drink or somethin'."
—winning a match against Zagan
"Not a bad performance, huh, chief?"
—winning a match against Whirlwind
"Aw hell, that hurts..."
—losing a match
"Agh, why you gotta be so rough, man?"
—losing a match against Zagan


"That party was mad crazy!"
—getting an S-Rank
"Well, that was fun."
—getting an A-Rank
"Pretty good for a warm-up, at least."
—getting a B-Rank
"Hm. That was a little rough."
—getting a C-Rank
"Have I gotten that sloppy?"
—getting a D-Rank
"Aw man..."
—getting an E-Rank

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