Dustin is an incredibly mobile character boasting a solid deal of movement options as well as lightning-quick attacks. His incredible speed is matched by a fighting style that is centered around rushing the opponent down and chaining together his moves to deal rapid damage, with his signature Wylde Fury technique being his bread-and-butter in many of his combos and his Style Action doubling as a viable mobility tool. Needless to say, all this mobility and speed in his attacks make Dustin one of the most ferocious fighters in the roster.

However, for all his speed and agility, his raw physical strength is rather lackluster and his range is practically non-existent, with his projectile - while quick in travel speed - taking some time to actually come out. In addition, many of his best setups are heavily reliant on having a decent amount of Action Gauge, especially if he wishes to dish out a larger amount of damage than he can without it. All of this means that, in order for him to overcome the competition, he must constantly stay on the opponent's face as he continues to apply pressure on them.

Damage Defense Mobility Footsies Rushdown Zoning Difficulty


Wylde Rush - Exchange button

  • Dustin's Style Action, where quickly rushes towards his foe with a lightning-quick claw strike.

Wylde Arrow - Arcade Modifier Air Arcade-Stick-Down + Attack h

  • A Command Normal where Dustin performs a hard-hitting dive kick.

Wylde Fury - AS QCF + Attack light / Attack medium

  • Attack light Version - Dustin rushes a short distance forward while performing a quick flurry of strikes.
  • Attack medium Version - Dustin rapidly strikes his opponent while covering great distances. Should he be close enough, he warps to the opponent’s back and strikes from there instead.

> Raid - Attack light / Attack medium

  • Dustin unleashes a rapid flurry of strikes that deal quick damage.

> (>>) Cross - AS Right + Attack light / Attack medium

  • Dustin lashes out with a dual claw strike in a cross-like fashion.

> [>> (>>>)] Shine - Attack h

  • An EX Move where Dustin rushes right through the opponent with a ki-enhanced strike.

> Quick Step - Exchange button

  • Dustin performs a forward step that can cross his opponent up. After performing this, he is locked to performing the above follow-up moves.

> Back Step - Frt + Exchange button

  • Dustin steps backwards, creating a small amount of distance between him and the opponent. He can immediately rush back in by performing Quick Step.

Wylde Frenzy - AS QCF + Attack h

  • An EX Move where Dustin rushes forward with a barrage of strikes. He then follows it up with Raid and then Cross, before finishing it off with Shine.

Storm Claw - AS QCF + Exchange button

  • Dustin launches a wave of energy that travels along the ground at quick speeds once fired.

Wylde Tornado - Arcade Modifier (Air) AS S + Attack button

  • Attack light Version - Dustin launches himself and the opponent into the air and rapidly spins around with his claws out.
  • Attack medium Version - Dustin carries his opponent into the air with a rapid spinning claw attack before knocking them back into the ground with a downward strike.
  • Attack h Version - Dustin lifts himself and the opponent into the air with a lightning-fast spinning claw attack before landing a savage blow.

Wylde Mirage - [delayable] AS QCB + Attack button

  • Attack light Version - Dustin leaps a short distance forward. 
  • Attack medium Version - Dustin leaps up into the air.
  • Attack h Version - Dustin quickly dashes right to the opponent's back.

Wylde Wrath - AS QCF + Attack lightAttack medium

  • A Decisive Action where Dustin unleashes a savage onslaught of claw strikes before knocking away the opponent with a cross-shaped strike.

Killer Cross - Arcade Modifier (Air) AS QCB + Attack lightAttack medium

  • A Decisive Action where Dustin performs a savage cross-shaped strike that creates a massive cross around him, dealing rapid damage to any opponent within range.

Killer Instinct - Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down + Attack lightAttack medium

  • A Decisive Action where Dustin momentarily lets his beastly instincts take over, granting him a significant boost in speed and power.

Predator's Rage - AS QCF + Attack hExchange button

  • Dustin's Decisive Climax, where he begins by rushing forward with a lethal strike with his leading claw. He then follows it up with a savage barrage of strikes with his claws, finishing it off with a powerful burst of energy from the palms of his hands.

Bloodlust Slaughter - Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down + Attack hExchange button

  • Dustin's Shutdown finisher, where he starts off with a savage strike from his claws. He then seems to lose all sense of humanity as the area around him and the opponent gradually darkens before a giant, crimson claw slashes through the opponent, finishing them off with one strike.

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