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This is an article about Dust the reaper, a character created by FroZenHyBrid on 02/25/2013.


"i'll tell you what I want, I want revenge. Revenge for turning me into a ghost, revenge for costing me everything, and revenge for not being saved.


—Dust the Reaper

Dust the reaper

Biographical Information
Full name Eclipse Tarin Daxtren( Real name)

At time of death: 19

Chronologically: now ageless


Crystal Emerald (Little Sister)

Morpheus the hedgehog(Adopted Cousin)

Alias Dust The Reaper
Romantic Interests N/A
Physical Description
Species Ghost/ Hedgebat
Gender Male
  • Hoodie, with a cloak(for hidng his scar)
Political Alignment and Abilities

Hero(when he was alive)

Antihero(during his ghosthood)

Affiliations Team Necro
Weaponry Necroton- Scythe he stole from a collector
  • Necrokinesis
  • ability to teleport
Super Forms Reaper's wrath.
Other Information
American V.A. N/A
Japanese V.A. N/A
Theme Song(s)
Appearances none so far
Original Creator Sonsofchaos


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-under construction-



Early Teens

Becoming leader of Team Nightshade


On his second mission in Team Nightshade, Eclipse lost his life. When they were in the middle of their mission they came across a mysterious figure(who he soon found out to be Somnus). Thinking he was Morpheus, though they also believed him to have gone mad after seeing him cause a wreckage they attacked him. The battle was short-lived, with Crystal and the power member being knocked down and stunned. Eclipse was the only one standing. However he put up more of a fight than Somus expected, even knocking him down. However this only angered Somnus and caused him to swing his sword in a upperslash cutting Eclipse from the waist up to the right shoulder. Eclipse died in the arms of Morpheus, who had arrived a minute prior after hearing about Somnus' arrival, though Eclipse soon began to despise Morpheus for not saving him.

Escaping False Death and earning his name

Shortly after he died, Eclipse encountered a being(not Death) sent to take his soul. However Eclipse wanted vengeance on Somnus(and Morpheus) and would not rest. The being soon made a deal with him, fight him and if Eclipse won, he could "go back" to the world of the living. The battle somehow ended when Eclipse bludgeoned the collector with his fists, took his scythe, and absorbed his soul on accident. This changed Eclipse, not just physically, but mentally as well. Soon after he fought many more of these collectors. though on the final one he fought, it called him what he would now be called forever. Dust the Reaper.


Necroton: Dust's scythe, he uses it to attack in a fight. It can also change it's form into other weapons.


He also has the ability of levitation due to his ghost powers. He can teleport with his ghost powers, looking like a dust cloud.




He's weak to any thing regarding light. He also has a tendency to be absorbed into items that make it hard for him to escape. Also if the stitch on his chest is removed his powers, as well as his scythe will vanish, until it is released.


"One thing to tell you before I go... I'M DEAD DANG IT!"

"The initials on my clothes actually used to stand for the title of my previous team, Team nightshade. Of course you heard of it, it probably must have been while Morpheus is the leader right? Of course."

"I am the flight member of team Necro, the other two are speed and power. All three of us are dangerous in battle."

"I have to maintain this form forever, it was the one I died in."


Another reason for earning his title is because Dust does not bleed normal blood, when he is cut he bleeds dust.