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Dusky the Dog is a Sonic fanon character created by NightmareHouseFan.


Dusky is depicted with darknening, monochromic visuals; all of his physical features contain a lack of color. He has black, shaggy hair with two small, triangular, pointed ears sticking through it. He has a pair of gray eyes and a white muzzle. Dusky's slim body is generally seen wearing a black hoodie with long gray sleeves, with a pair of white gloves almost reaching his sleeves. He also wears a pair of black pants, with his short black tail poking out from behind. And he wears a pair of black and white buckled shoes.


Dusky has displayed himself to be easily referable to a brat. He has a lack of proper mannerisms due to most of his social skills being developed through sibling rivalry with his older sister, Twilight the Dog. He is very ill-mannered and can be quick to irritation. Even the slightest mishap in his own case will cause himself to have a tantrum, also giving him quality of being a sore loser. Besides that, Dusky also tends to speak bluntly and (sometimes) in a rude manner without even thinking. He is incredibly irresponsible with his actions, additionally making him unobservant, clumsy, impatient, unorganized and ill-concieved.

For his own amusement, Dusky has a knack for pulling pranks, primarily on his younger cousin, Ebony the Dog. He is always up for a thrill and will happily take part in causing mischief. Most of the mischief Dusky will get himself into involves snagging food from others since he has a ravenous, gluttonous stomach. He also has an imaginative mind. With the help of his childlike perspective, he has an easy time thinking outside of the box and sometimes gets lost in his vivid thoughts.

Since Dusky was a little puppy, he had a knack for digging holes. He developed this hobby when he searched frantically for his lost toy in a sandbox. After that, he digs as a hobby to find underground his own personal collectable objects or to simply extract his own energy.


Dusky was born with the power to wield darkness. To further elaborate what his darkness powers are capable of, he is able to use them to make others temporarily visually impaired. In addition, if he activates his powers while taking a swing at someone, Dusky is able to stun or make his opponents dizzy.


Dusky was born with the ability of nightvision. Thanks to his ability, he is able to thoroughly see anything that is engulfed by darkness.


  • Dusky's favorite hobby is to dig up any underground items to collect for himself. He has enough stamina to endure however long he wishes to dig for.
  • Dusky is also capable of swimming. Specifically, he doggy paddles.


Dusky is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer either. He is gullible and has a difficult time telling right from wrong, which causes him to switch alignments from time to time. That is one way to draw him into an alliance; either his gullibility will be the ticket to gaining his cooperation or he can be won over by offering him some food.

Another one of Dusky's issues comes from his ability to see in the dark. His gift of transparent vision in the dark comes with the disadvantage of his vision in daylight. As a complete oppositional effect, he is practically blind in bright lights. The brightest amount of light that Dusky can deal with visually is when the daylight reaches twilight.


Twilight the Dog


Ebony the Dog



  • Dusky is NightmareHouseFan's first Sonic fanon character.
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