"Do not let your heart be led astray by the shadows that haunt your mind. I will help you when you need me most."
—Dusk to Boulder after saving him from a nightmare, Storm of Darkness

Dusk the Lycanroc is an ancient Lycanroc Spirit set to appear in the story Storm of Darkness in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is the very first Dusk Lycanroc to exist, and is confirmed to be Boulder the Lycanroc's ancestor, and subsequently the ancestor of Sunny the Rockruff.


Being a Dusk Lycanroc, Dusk resembles a Midday Lycanroc with the addition of a Midnight Lycanroc's mane, and he has orange fur and green eyes instead of tan fur and blue eyes.


Dusk is incredibly wise and patient, even when faced with a younger and more impatient person. He acts as a mentor figure to the frightened and worrying Boulder.


Before the Series: After Alola's Great War between the Lycanroc Packs, the Dusk Lycanroc was created as a sort of balance between the two, with Dusk being the first. At an unknown point in time, Dusk passed away peacefully.

Unnamed Story: Dusk will make his debut in this story. He first appears after Mephiles the Dark visits Boulder in a dream and fails to convince the young Lycanroc to join him. Dusk then becomes a mentor figure for the much younger Lycanroc, helping him understand his visions and shake off the last traces of Mephiles' evil influence.


Dusk's powers are unknown. What is known is that, like Boulder, he has the power of foresight, allowing him to have visions of the future and past. It is unknown if he kept this power after he died.


Dusk's Ability is most likely Touch Claws, which is currently the only known Ability of Dusk Lycanroc, but it may be changed once Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are released and more information about Dusk Lycanroc is revealed.


Dusk's skills are unknown.


Being a Rock-Type, Dusk is weak to Water, Ground, Fighting, and Steel-Type Pokemon, Resists Normal, Rock, Flying, Fire, Poison, and has a Type-Advantage against Flying, Fire, Ice, and Bug-Type Pokemon.


Boulder the Lycanroc

Dusk meets Boulder when he saves the younger Lycanroc from Mephiles. He then serves as the young warrior's mentor to figure out his visions and help him shake off what remains of Mephiles' evil influence.

Mephiles the Dark

Dusk's exact past with this shadowy, evil being is unknown, but he saves Boulder from Mephiles and helps the young warrior to shake off his lasting influence.


Dusk has a voice similar to famous actor James Earl Jones, well-known for being the voice behind Darth Vader from Star Wars and Mufasa from the Disney animated classic The Lion King.

  • Additionally, it was confirmed that James Earl Jones will reprise his role for the 2019 live-action adaptation of The Lion King.
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