Anti-Twilight, commanly known as Dusk, is the Moebius counterpart of Twilight the Lycalo


Dusk had a difficult time growing up. He was a bit of an outcast within his people. He looked weak to his kind and while he wished to prove himself a worthy Lycalo, he wasn't given the chance. He was nearing adulthood and contemplated on departing from his family and find life elsewhere. However, much like his counterpart, the Lycalo curse unleashed itself on him at age 18 and he attained the same fearsome transformation. The Moebius Lycalos quickly restrained the ferel monster he became and he rapidly grew control over it. Given their standards, he was appointed the new leader and was commended for his great power as many fell at his hands. Shortly after, he hungered for the power he felt while under the alternate form. He came to realize that his people were correct; that he was weak, no matter how hard he tried to become stronger. All the built up anger and vex allowed the curse to take hold, only halfway however. Dusk was forever changed at this moment and let his newfound power be known against those who stood against his kind. He leads the Lycalos with great pride and will do so until he meets his end.


Up until the age of 18, Dusk looked exactly like Twilight, only his eyes seemed to have a constant sneer of hatred. Once he allowed his curse to take over, his apparance changed somewhat drastically. His fur is medium length and dark blue in color with pale tan skinned arms. He has a pair of cold and unforgiving eyes with blood red irises, black pupils and a white sclera. His build is rather muscular and fairly noticible. The fur on his muzzle as well as the ovular patch on his stomach and his tail tip are gray in color. His wings look similar to Nightmare's, only porportionate to his size with pale tan inner areas. Finally, he has sharp and pointed fangs as well as a pair of deadly claws.


Dusk wears a pair of red pants and black fingerless gloves with large sock like cuffs. His shoes are black in color with 2 thin, gray colored horizontal straps with a small spike mounted on the top of each.



While Dusk can remain himself, any excess anger or death before nightfall can cause his curse to be fully unleashed.


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