Creator: Cheshire Catalyst/King Nekosmiles/Chris S. (all the same person)

Species: African Pygmy Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Height: 97 cm
Weight: 32 kg
Birthplace: Egg Fleet Flagship (2nd battle of Armageddon)
Age: 14
Eyes: Green
Color: Black, with red streaks that appear when he is emotional
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Father)
  • Amy Rose (Mother)
  • Armageddon (Contributed Chaos that affected his DNA, lives on inside of him)
  • Gerald Robotnik (kind of his grandfather)
  • Maria Robotnik (kind of his aunt)
  • Ivo Robotnik (kind of his cousin)
Alignment: Neutral
Likes: Sword fighting, tracking, disorder, his mother, Nightfall the Echidnam,Candy, Hydra (his sword), storms
Dislikes: the dark, Armageddon, flying, not living up to his father’s expectations
Skills: Chaos control, Reverse Chaos control, Chaos burn, Chaos Freeze, Chaos Blast,

Chaos arrow, Chaos replication, Chaos flicker, Chaos storm, Chaos Sync, Chaos Sight, Supersonic running speed (and all associated attacks), extensive combat skills, tracking skills, skill copy, supersensitive senses, Super Dusk, Nightmare Dusk, Chaos Arcana Ability type: Speed


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Dusk is very conflicted. He wants chaos and disorder, but longs to be good. He wants to be powerful, but is afraid of becoming too powerful. Dusk is very caring like his mother, and will often put himself in danger for others. He strives to become stronger to protect those close to him, and also to meet the expectations of his father. Dusk is easily discouraged at first, but will always come back for more. Dusk is unwilling to get very sociable with anybody he isn’t very close to. He is very cocky, and easy to anger.

Physical Description

Dusk is a jet black hedgehog. He has red streaks in his quills like his father, though his are only visible when he is angered, distressed, or feeling other strong emotions. Also like his father, Dusk wears power rings to hold back his power. Not only does he wear one on each wrist, but one on each ankle and one like a choker around his neck. He wears gloves with zippers in the palms that bypass the inhibitor rings when opened. He has green eyes like his mother, and also inherited the tuft of quills on his forehead from her. Dusk has sharp teeth. He has rocket air shoes given to him by his father. He seems slightly emaciated, and often has bags under his eyes. His quills spike off backwards all over his head.


Dusk inherited most of his powers from his father, Shadow. Although he has much more raw power when it comes to using Chaos, he has yet to develop the refined skill of his father, and still loses to him every time. Dusk has zippers in the palms of his gloves that he unzips to release chaos energy from inside his body and create space/time warps. Using any Chaos powers is very draining to him. At maximum use the longest he can go is about fifteen minutes. Dusk’s chaos powers include:

  • Chaos control: Can warp space and time. Mostly used to teleport.
  • Reverse Chaos control: Used to open portals to draw things through to him.
  • Chaos burn: Uses Reverse Chaos control to draw the flames of a solar flare through his gloves and blast intense flames.
  • Chaos Freeze: Uses Reverse Chaos control to expose his enemies to the extreme cold of space through portals in his gloves.
  • Chaos Blast: A burst of Chaos energy more intense than his father’s. He cannot control how much energy he puts into it and is often temporarily drained after its use.
  • Chaos Arrow: Fires Chaos arrows that are larger than his father’s but are rarely accurate due to his lack of control. He compensates for this by firing off several at once.
  • Chaos replication: At the end of a Chaos replication, Dusk will Chaos control himself back to the beginning. This means that there are two of him fighting at the same time, effectively folding his existence in time. The most he can do this without a chaos emerald is five of himself at any given time. Without more control, any more would strain the fabric of time. Most beings can only have two or three of themselves in one time zone, and it is dangerous for them to contact themselves. Dusk can bend these laws due to his deep connection to Chaos.
  • Chaos Flicker: Dusk can momentarily remove himself from existence to dodge attacks. This is predictable, however, because he comes back in less than a second and always reappears where he would have been if he hadn’t. Dusk tries to remove this weakness by teleporting with Chaos Control at the same time. This is extremely difficult for him.
  • Chaos Storm: Dusk channels raw chaos energy at his enemies that attacks their very existence.
  • Chaos Sync: Dusk can channel chaos energy into his own body to fight with another person as though his body was an extension of theirs. He fights with a mixture of his fighting style and his partner’s. He often does this with his teacher, Nightfall the Echidna, and his father, Shadow the Hedgehog, but rarely attempts with anyone else, due to the fact that he is effectively merging minds and a part of his soul with them. This power can only be used with another user of Chaos unless Dusk has an emerald, but it is still weaker than with a Chaos user.
  • Super Dusk: Dusk can use the positive energy of the Chaos Emeralds to transform into a super version almost exactly like his father’s.
  • Nightmare Dusk: Dusk can use the negative energy of the Chaos Emeralds to transform into a vicious, brutal super form. In this form, Dusk is more powerful than in his super form, but is hesitant to use it because while he is transformed, the remnants of Armageddon inside him attempt to take over. So far they have not succeeded, but as Dusk has only used this transformation twice, it is yet to be seen how risky it is.
  • Chaos Arcana: While in Nightmare form, Dusk can alter small patches of reality in any way shape or form. It is nearly impossible for him to alter living matter that has a will of its own. Forcing a creature like this requires him to allow more of Armageddon into his mind.
  • Extensive Combat Skills: Dusk trains daily in combat with his father and his teacher Nightfall. He picks up hand to hand combat by fighting them.
  • Supersensitive senses: All of Dusk’s senses are super-enhanced, much like his father.
  • Tracking skills: Due to his senses, Dusk is an excellent tracker. He can follow a trail through a river or rain, provided it is only a day or two old.
  • Skill copy: Dusk can use Chaos sync to instantly learn any move he would be able to learn over time, but only if his partner can do it. Abilities that use a physical trait that he doesn’t have, or something he will never be able to do, are beyond this.


Dusk prefers to use his monstrous sword Hydra (much like his mother’s use of the Piko Piko Hammer) at all times. The blade is serrated and the back is lined with spikes resembling fangs. During combat, these spikes detach from the main blade and move on razor wires as though they were living snakes. They are actually controlled using complex finger grips situated on the handle. Dusk can easily control about four of these, but using all eight allows him less finesse. Hydra was a gift from his “cousin” Dr. Ivo Robotnik. It was inspired by itself due to a time paradox, and left to him for when he was old enough to use it. If confronted with a powerful enemy, or many enemies, or often just when he wants to, Dusk will utilize his chaos powers. Like his father Shadow, he does not require a chaos emerald to tap chaos power. Unlike his father, he has much more power when channeling chaos energy, though considerably less skill. Using its energy in massive amounts is harmful to Dusk’s body, as his lack of control allows some of the raw energy to escape into his body. Using negative energy also means exposing himself to the influence of the remnants of Armageddon infused with his subconscious. Although the soul of Emerl argues for good in his mind, Chaos imbues his thoughts with disorder and confusion, Iblis with fury and rage, and Mephiles with evil and corruption. Dusk usually fights alongside Shadow or Nightfall, but will sometimes fight with his mother, though he prefers to get her away from danger as fast as possible.


  • Amy Rose- When he went back in time, Dusk got a crush on his mother-to-be before realizing who she really was. He never told anyone of this, as he was very embarrassed.
  • Cream- Cream followed Dusk around with doe eyes for the whole time he was in the past. She was very shy and timid, but tried to assert herself. In the end, she never got to tell Dusk how she felt because he left for the future before she could tell him.


  • “I am the ultimate life form! Well, half, anyway.”
  • “I’ll prove to father that I can be great!”
  • “Feel the rage inside me!”
  • “Mother, I will protect you.”
  • “Even if I go down, you’re going with me!”
  • Start of a battle- “Don’t give yourself false hope. You won’t walk away from this.”
  • Win a battle- “I didn’t think you had it in you. I was right.”
  • Lose a battle- “I lost… I’m a failure.”
  • Start of a race- “I hope you like looking at the back of my head!”
  • Win a race- “YES! I am ultimate speed!
  • Lose a race- “I underestimated you…a costly mistake.”
  • S rank on a mission- “I am untouchable!”
  • A rank on a mission- “I am my father’s son after all.”
  • B rank on a mission- “How was that, Master Nightfall?”
  • C rank on a mission- “I must be slipping…”
  • D rank on a mission- “Damn… I suck today.”


  • Shadow the Hedgehog- Respected and admired father
  • Amy Rose- Loved mother
  • Knuckles the Echidna- dislikes because of conflicting attitudes
  • Tails- mutual apathy
  • Cream- is adored by but tries to feign uncaring
  • Metal Sonic- rivals in combat
  • Nightfall the Echidna- Highly respected master
  • Armageddon- hated enemy and parasite consciousness
  • Robotnik- liked cousin
  • Omega- wishes to beat him because he is his father’s friend (therefore he must be strong)

Theme Songs

  • Normal-The Night by Disturbed
  • Super form-Eye of the Storm by Bullet for my Valentine
  • Nightmare Form-Psychosocial by Slipknot
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