Dusk is a character that appears in the Marshalia13 Universe and is Marsha's pet dog.


Dusk is a mobini dog whose breed is uncertain. She's a light brown dog with purple eyes. Dusk has ears that flop down and a long bushy tail.


Dusk is very compassionate and affectionate over Marsha and the Freedom Fighters, and is very protective over her owner. She is a little timid and cautious of people she doesn't know.


Dusk was found as a puppy by Marsha after Chaos' attack on Station Square. Dusk took a while to warm-up to Marsha, but eventually came to love her rescuer



Marsha is Dusk's owner. Dusk is very fond and protective of her owner, as it was Marsha who rescued her as a puppy.


Snowball is Dusk's best friend. While Marsha noticed that Dusk was getting lonely, Snowball was brought in to be Dusk's companion. Dusk and Snowball are rarely seen apart.

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