Art done by me.

Biographical Information
  • 18 (Rp appearances)
  • 23 (Future RP appearances)
  • 35 (2nd Gen Rp appearances)

Memphis Canon future fanfics

  • Nightshade Akami (Wife)
Romantic Interests
  • Nightshade Akami (Wife)
  • Memphy (dubbed by Trin)
  • Memphis (Previous name and is sometimes referred to by that name)
Team affliction
  • None so far
Physical Description
Species Soul/Hedgehog. Demon
Gender Male
  • Coming soon
  • Coming soon
Abilities and forms
  • Corrupted Barrage
  • Corrupted Blast
  • Corrupted Wave
  • Corrupted Control,
  • Mach5 Skate Speed
  • Basic Spin Dash,
  • Jump Dash and Homing Attack,
  • Corrupted Mirage,
  • Spin Attack,
  • Corrupted Bullet
  • Corrupted Mortor
  • Corrupted Sticky bombs
  • Spin Jump,
  • Corrupted Javelin,
  • Corrupted corruption,
  • Corrupted Suspension,
  • Corrupted Blade,
  • Corrupted OverDrive.
  • Demon Aura
  • True Form
  • Power Suppression
  • Time Travel
  • Iblis Fusion Flight Energy Projection
  • Weak Multiplication
  • Crystilazation
  • Duel wield pistols

Super Forms

  • Cero mode
Theme Song
Kevin Rudolf - Let It Rock (Lyrics)

Kevin Rudolf - Let It Rock (Lyrics)

Dusk's theme song

Instrument Profession
  • Guitar (third profession)
  • Bass (First profession)
  • Cello (Second profession)
  • Violin (Hobby, fourth profession)
  • Piano (Talent he just found out he had)
  • Singer (Natural)
Voice acting
Created by

Memphis creator of light 16:33, August 20, 2010 (UTC)


The strange Demonhog has appeared and is the dark twin brother of Solarestro the Cosmic. It is unknown how he got to the plain of the Mobians, all that is known is that he is going to raise some heck he dubs enemies, and raise it he shall. For a man like him likes to thrive on action and being the best there is. Especially if it is to one up Sola.


Calm, cool and calculating, Dusk takes his sweet time messing around with his friends and enemies alike. He has a dark taste in pleasure and will always take the time to endulge these darker pleasures. If you manage to become his friend, you will have gained an invaluable ally for he may seem to be a hoolagin but he follows his codes and oaths to the very end. If you are his enemy, back off for he is all business in a fight and unlike his twin brother he will exploit all of your weaknesses instead of telling you about them.


Unlike his blue wearing twin brother Solarestro the Cosmic. Dusk goes on with the more norm of colors. Favoring black and red to be his trade mark styling. Metallic outfittings to his outfit finishes his design and sets him apart from his twin. Another thing that needs mentioning is the pure golden eyes that Dusk has, acting as a direct counter to Sola's purple eyes that once contained gold in it. Finally his wear is lined with red gems, these gems sport a key function of holding his demon trigger at bay for he is unable to control it as of yet.



His dark lover and sexy wife, these two are seen hand in hand when it comes to combat. They are a duo you do not want to mess with.

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