Arcina walked through the forest, deep in thought. She pondered of what she would actually find this time. When, without noticing, an opening opened right in front of her, as she tripped, and fell inside. "Dang it," she cursed, as Arcina found out that she and the rest were lock up inside. "What do we do?"

If any of them had any electronic devices like a cellphone or something, they might begin to spark and fizzle.

They began walking, while finding a lot of hidden passageways, making them confused. 'Which one's the actual way out?' Arcina thought.

"I'unno." A wolf spoke, he had ashen green fur and a tattoo of a lightning bolt on his forehead; he was just bouncing around hyper actively, providing a source of light using his electrical abilities while bouncing around.

"Same too... But should we go in here?" Arcina asked the green wolf. "The carving writing says to go here."

"Then let's go in then, we can't just simply stay here and wait," Celestia said calmly, while smiling. "C'mon!! We don't have all day!"

So all of them dashed through the pathway, and came across more writings. Immediately, Arcina started decipher the words, using her known knowledge, while Celestia looked for clues.

Mars just did what he always did, which was act as a light source.. Granted one thay just kept bouncing around like some sort of kid on an eternal sugar high.

Arcina kept on deciphering the writings, and once she was done, she thanked Mars, then saying, "Well, it says to go to this road, and towards a maze... Great..."

Celestia sighed, and grumbled. "Great, a maze, jusssst great," the wolf muttered. "Do you have a map or something?"

The mink nodded, and said, "But there are traps along the maze, so we'd better watch out."

"Why am I here again?" Mars asked.

"You wanted to accompany us?" Celestia answered, while she ran.

".... Ohhhhhhh.. Yeah, I remember, I only said thay because you two dragged me along for the riiiiide q~q" Mars responded.

"......" the two mobians sweatdropped as their reaction, and skidded to a halt when they found the enterance to the maze.

Mars blinked, having kept at a brisk jog; not really making any effort to keep up. "Well, casa del maze~"

"How I hate mazes," Celestia groaned. "I can get lost without a map!!"

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