Cquote1 Cyra, come. Let’s escape that mad man together. I big bro promise that no one will hurt you ever again. Cquote2
Duke to Cyra

Duke Aethelweard (デューク・エーテルウェアード/De~yūku ēteruu~eādo), also known as Dusk, is a wolf with a love for street art. He left his twisted household alongside his younger sister, Cyra, and since then, he was plunged into the unknown. He’s currently the leader of Team Dusk, and is their speed-type.


Duke is a dark blue wolf with a light grey muzzle and green eyes. He has very light green (which are nearer to white than green) inner ears, and light green scleras. He also has two tufts of fur curving and pointing to the back of his head, resembling a ‘swept back’ hairstyle. Duke, unlike most wolves in general, has a more bushy tail than a slimmer one.


He wears a detachable collar, a sleeveless hoodie, gloves, baggy strap pants (it’s literally what it’s called I’m serious), and shoes. His collar is mainly purple with a red outline. Duke’s hoodie has again, a very light green hood, and is colored in purple and light green. In the middle of his hoodie is light green fabric, sewed by Cyra (his younger sister) when it got ripped in two. His gloves’ cuffs are light green with a purple stripe separating it, and the rest are light grey with a light green arrow on the back of his hands. His pants are dark blue with a red stripe and red ‘straps’ on each side. Lastly, his shoes are purple with a green strap and light grey sole.



History (Summary)

Duke was born in a dysfunctional family alongside his sister, Cyra. After his father parted ways with his mother, he decided to stay with his father, thinking that the old man needed mental support. Cyra agreed to this, but both siblings ended up having to endure constant abuse. Because of this, Dusk couldn’t stand his father hurting his little sister, and so swore to protect Cyra from his father. After that, he began to become rebellious, frequently escaping his home and roaming the streets. In one of his escapes he saw a street artist, leaving for their home. He saw their art on the wall, and that artwork encouraged him to draw to express his emotions. From there, his interest in art sparked. Over the weeks he became indulged in street art, but he had to let it cease when matters got worse at home. In Duke & Cyra's attempt to escape, Cyra fell into a coma, his father went to jail, and his mother came back to help her children. Duke found himself leaving Cyra in his mother's care, and from then on, he was whisked on an adventure. Unbeknownst to him, Duke was going to be involved with something much bigger than he anticipated.

Weapon(s) & Item(s)

  • Paintball Gun
  • Ammo (Pellets for his gun.)
  • Spray Paint
  • Grenades (Smoke, Paint, Toxic Gas, etc.)


  • Enhanced Memory: Like photographic memory, it’s just unexplained how Duke has it. He was just born with it - a lucky child. 
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Duke has a heightened sense of when someone’s going to punch him - it basically sends panic messages flying throughout his system. He lived in so much fear during his time staying with his dad, so he got the reflexes from all the wounds and bruises.
  • Power Negation: Duke is able to block powers that involve meddling with his mind. His mind is scrambled, never very organised, and mind readers can pretty much get somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of art is in his brain. Also, he is somewhat invincible; resistant, to aurakinesis. That’s either probably thanks to Shirae punching him so many times, or his own aura protecting him.


  • Creativity: Once a strong emotion wave hits him, his brain works harder than normal, and so his paint weeb mind goes insane. He draws and paints his heart out, and can express himself quite easily - having been doing it the past few years. He can sometimes make not useful things useful in the worst way possible.
  • Accuracy: For shooting. Ever since he got his paintball gun, he has been shooting pellet after pellet, trying to get it in the bullseye. Now, his aim is faster than ever.
  • Art: It has been his main 'escape from reality' these past few years, and it helped him a lot in strengthening his mentality.




“Ah, how do I begin, Cy. I miss having you around. Good news, dad’s in jail, and mom’s helping you! I’m sorry I couldn’t get to you in time when dad sent you into this state. I’m sorry for not being strong enough. We should have left, Cyra! We should have listened to mom! But, I don’t wanna leave dad, as much of an emotional ass he is. He needs our help - he’s taken the wrong path. Still, though, sorry I made the decision to stay with that jerkface. If we were with mom, you wouldn’t be in a coma for such a long time. I know you’ll wake up one day, but I kinda want that day to be now. ” - Duke to Cyra, who was in a coma.

“Told ya Rae-Rae. I’ll support you no matter what.” - Duke to Shirae

“I didn’t know I could do that!” - S Rank

“Aye, broski!” - A Rank

“Nearly there?” - B Rank

“Surprising.” - C Rank

“Don’t worry, I’ll do better next time.” - D Rank

“I’m weaker than most, so it’s to be expected.” - E Rank


This character's sixstat code is 445781

  • Health 4/9: Well, he can endure physical attacks and strengthened ones, and he is one of those regular, plain people who doesn’t have a superpower.
  • Damage 4/9: I mean, not too powerful, yet not weak either. Duke is strong enough to match Keira in hand-to-hand combat, but not strong enough to deal with someone with powers he doesn’t have.
  • Speed 5/9: Faster than all of his two teammates, Duke is just one of those guys who keep themselves ship-shape for the job.
  • Reflexes 7/9: His heightened senses greatly help his reflexes, and to top that, he has his jerk father, always throwing punches and kicks for him to dodge.
  • Intelligence 8/9: It’s basically what Duke gets for having a Kaiira, a big brain, in his team. She showers the entire team with educational lectures if they need it. 
  • Regen 1/9: Duke’s healing sucks. It’s what he gets for being normal. His wounds heal longer than most, mainly because of, again, his father. He still has many wounds yet to heal since his escape from his home, and those are mainly on his back.


  • Even just being a mere mortal is enough for him to be weak. Duke is literally nothing against powers that can wipe someone out of existence.
  • He has trouble dealing damage from afar, since all his punches are just a couple of pellets, his hands, feet, and bombs. 
  • Ice cream. Need I say more?

Random Facts:

  • Duke has nightmares of his past, and this is usually the cause of his sleep deprivation. If he can’t sleep, he draws and paints the scene, which keeps him awake all night.
  • He was originally supposed to have neon arrow tattoo things on the side of his head, but that’s scrapped.
  • Duke’s name was supposed to be Dusk, but I turned Dusk into a nickname instead. 
  • He was originally an umbrakinetic but he was nerfed - can’t have two umbrakinetics from the same generation now can we? I didn’t want to nerf Keira so Duke takes the hit instead.
  • Duke secretly plans to make a compilation of all his fight scenes and gawk at them.


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