Dudley the Koala is a mid-grade purebred Troll that has climbed partially through the ranks to achieve some of his own intelligence. However; unlike many others of his race and rank, Dudley's connection to the hivemind of his fellows is limited. Instead, with assistance from Bubonic and the other bio-scientists within the Trolls; Dudley has instead become a walking bee-hive, with his mental hivemind link instead replaced with a biosymbiotic link to his summoned and internalized bees.

Dudley the Koala

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Yellow, with peach skin & black stripes
  • Eyes: Honey yellow, with honeycomb-like patterns in his irises
  • Black pants
  • Black boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsThe Trolls (Limited-connection lieutenant; summoner)
  • "Respawn" immortality
  • Basic hand-to-hand combat training
  • Natural symbiotic connection with bees
Manifests as a psychic link and telepathic command over his bees)
  • "Beehive" physiology
  • Secretes wax & honey
  • Control over wax & honey
  • Seemingly limitless supply of bee puns
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original CreatorFlashfire212


A relatively bizarre example of Troll bio-engineering, Dudley was at one point a simple grey Mobian-like koala, just another member of the hive-mind. However, as he gained combat experience, Dudley found himself growing less satisfied with his bland "recolor" existence, and as with many of his fellow Trolls, sought to modify himself in ways that appeal to him.

In his current guise, Dudley is a bulky and "muscular" yellow koala with a number of black stripes along his back, and strange, beeswax protrusions along his flanks and wrists that are completely filled with small holes. While he has peach skin obvious on his face, most of the other locations that would be flesh-toned on a Mobian appear to be the same color as this wax.

One of the most disturbing elements of Dudley's bio-modifications is actually his eyes; with the honey-yellow irises patterned in a honeycomb-like fashion.


Despite his dramatic appearance; Dudley dresses in a fairly sedate manner; choosing to wear little more than a pair of black pants and boots to instead maximize access points for his bees.



As a Troll; Dudley is nigh-immortal. If slain, he is reborn in an identical condition at any Troll base after a short delay. While most Trolls suffer from a temporary power reduction after a respawn, Dudley suffers even more from this as his primary combat tools and style do not respawn with him and need time to be replenished. Similarly, Dudley is tied into the hiveminds with other purebred Trolls; though unusually for a "Troll Captain"; he lacks the ability to function as a commander over the lower ranks in the overmind, mostly due to instead transferring that control to a total control over his bees.

Dudley is probably best known as being a walking beehive. Much of his internal body structure is occupied by a colony of bees, with the symbiotic existence granting him a number of physical adaptations unusual even for the Trolls, with the ability to secrete wax and honey as well as unusual internal wax pathways and "hive-muscles" that work hand-in-hand to an almost identical degree to his natural biology. Dudley has full control over the viscous liquids he secretes, with each possessing a differing set of uses. Even after this, though, he retains the sharp claws on his fingers that allow many koalas to cling to trees.

All of Dudley's bees have also been modified by Troll bio-engineers, granting the ability to sting repeatedly as a primary function. However, some of these stingers serve as energy siphons, slowly draining the strength and stamina from a target to instead grant it to the walking hive instead.

However, Dudley has a number of physiological weaknesses to go with the standard Trollish psychological ones; most of these relating to his highly atypical physical structure and fighting style. Due to his psychological command over his bees, Dudley has practically no presence within the Troll hivemind. Due to this; he has no "command weight", but is still unable to be commanded by others of the same rank. When most Troll Generals only have a certain number of captains that they can sway, and those captains only have a specific number of lower Trolls; any mission where Dudley is employed is the loss of the field presence of at least one captain's command network. While this can be effective for recon or large-scale battles, it certainly does limit Dudley's time out and about. Certain Mobian Trolls also actively avoid Dudley due to sting allergies; though this is due to conditioned behaviors; primarily due to the "respawn immortality".

Dudley's physical combat is also highly lacking. Due to the "hive-muscles" lacking the same physical strength as regular muscle tissue, Dudley primarily moves slowly and requires extra layers of wax over his arms to allow for actual combat use. In many cases where Dudley himself is forced to fight, he utilizes frantic slashing and full-body pins in order to try to buy time for his bees to get in. This is exacerbated by his bees having an inability to pierce metal; meaning that robots or environmentally-sealed armored suits (like the majority of powered armors on the market) are completely immune to anything that Dudley can throw at them outside of the loss of some level of physical maneuverability. He also constantly emits a buzzing noise, making stealth impossible.

Psychologically; outside of his lack of a command presence, Dudley is completely obsessed with bees. He will always take any chance to make a pun or reference about bees, and has been known to randomly appear on Mobius with a number of placards and complaints about the deaths or disappearances of bees for basically no reason.








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