The Duat is a town area. Its lord is Idle the Dead, the all seeing mastre there. It was once a happy village, but was burned down and a pillar was created forming the new town by Idle.



As forementioned, the Duat was once a happy village known as Charnhan Hall. Before that, however, it was a graveside known as Abby Graves Street. The village was where Idle was raised and shunned, and he eventually burne it with green fire from Greece, which would never stop burning until he had commanded it.

Current Day

The Duat is now a bustling area divided into seven houses, which act as districts. Each house is ranked from poor to wealthy, with an eighth existing at the top where Idle lives. Each one is treated with equal labour and taxes, which angers some. Anyone born into the area cannot leave until they are fifty-seven years old. This is a recent restriction, powered by Idle's own ability.

A general day differs between each house-district. In the poor house they learn to steal at early ages and are executed as fast as they are born. In the wealthy house business is handed down, stocks existing, and is very similar to current day New York City. The middle houses are a mix of both, each a small district with several schools and apartments. Number eight is simply a large castle in which Idle lives.


  • Its name comes from the little-known Egyption underworld, the Duat.
  • Each house is nicknamed after a gem. The poor house, Quartz, the lower house, Topaz, the middle house, Ruby, the house of indifference, sapphire, the upper house, the pearl, the wealthy house, the diamond, and Idle's Castle, the opal.
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