Dual Draw is an unusual technique that pulls two random techniques that the user knows and combines them, as long as they are affected by an altered state of consciousness.


When the user is forced into an altered state of consciousness by an attack, be it confusion, infatuation, temporary muting, etc., the user's mind randomly goes through and plucks out two random techniques from the ones they know and uses them at once, and has been known to choose the same technique twice as the hybrid, creating an enhanced variation. This can result in some amazing and extremely powerful combinations, but at the same time can choose two weak attacks, or even two status attacks to combine, reducing the full effectiveness of the technique.



  • Down Draw - the user attacks with random attacks that they learned at a young age.

Created Attacks

Technique Rank

Due to the potential power of the techniques created, despite it's unpredictable nature, the technique bears an A-rank.

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