Silver Trophy Voted Best Sidekick Runner-up of Winter 2016
Droget the Frog
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DrogDrog (Called by Krinkinko),
15 Birthday:September 9th
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Goget the Frog (Father),Forhet the Frog (Mother), 20 siblings
Romantic Interest
Swordsmanship,Catching bugs, Great jump
Krinkinko,Odin the Sanil,Fa-La-Stu,Banshee,
Eggman,The trolls,
None yet.
Droget is a member of the frog village and was Krinkinko's  best friend. He has 20 other siblings. He loves food and is seemingly always hungry.


Minutes after his birth Krinkinko jumped in the pond where he was born and Droget freaked out. He swam quickly away but hit a rock. Krinkinko saved him but Droget was still scared. After his parents comforted him he grew to like Krinkinko and became his best friends.He met Fa-La-Stu after he thought she was an intruder and attacked her.At first was scared of her but same as Krinkinko he grew use to her. After she left he tried to act brave but he bawled his eyes out. In Krinkinko's story he was a G.U.N. agent and obtained his sword. Since then his bond with Krinkinko grew,letting him obtain the legendary Ondine. After Krinkinko's disappearance he became depressed and tried to kill himself...


He appeared in Roleplay:The Wal-Mart wars. He aided Krinkinko in his foolish plot. When Krinkinko was fighting Alice he accidently cut Krinkinko.

He appeared in Shadow Crystal Cloud tournament. He was in a fight but it was never finished. Before that he tried to have Rachel go get a burger with him but she K.O.ed him.

He appeared in Roleplay:Memory Trouble trying to help Krinkinko capture Temporal.

He appeared in Roleplay:Beast legends trying to capture the beast that took down the GUN ship. He and the rest of his team tried to find it but they ended up failing their mission.

He didn't appear in Christmas snow day because he had a cold. He made a brief appearance in the beginning though.

In Roleplay:The troll wars he was captured by the trolls. Krinkinko got him out but he was captured in the sea base. In the epilogue he was rescued though.

He appeared in the deleted roleplay, Roleplay:Surviving on a deserted island as a survivor from a plane crash. He was overjoyed when he found out Odin was on the island too.

He appeared in krinkinko the hedgehog's Story as Krinkinko's best friend who supported him. When they ell off the egg carrier they were separated and then found each other again. This is where he joined G.U.N.

His two ancestors appeared in Roleplay:Sonic and the Black Knight (Fanon). Drogiondiogo was a pacifist who tried to stop the knights from fighting and Droegt was an evil pirate who captured Blade and turned him into metal blade (even though he was really made out of grey painted wood) who he called his son.

He appeared in Roleplay:Metal's Revenge on a mission to stop Metal. He fought Metal one on one various times during this roleplay and even turned hyper Droget. This roleplay shows a more aggressive side of Droget.

He appeared in Roleplay:Mobius Basketball tournament in Team Dream.

He appeared in Roleplay:The Royal Party alongside Krinkinko who tried to break in the party disguised as red and green plumbers.


Droget is calm and shy. He is afraid to talk to new people and he gets scared easily. When he sees blood he becomes a raging maniac. Aside from this Droget is the brains in his team always thinking up new plans. He's very forgiving and nice. He always sees the good in most people thus, he never holds any real grudges and will make sureto forgive them when they change. This makes other people bully him and call him sap. He doesn't have much friends due to this and this fact sometimes messes with his head.

Relationships with other characters

Fa-La-Stu the Echidna- The two are friends. They met when he was defending Krinkinko from her years ago then she K.O.ed him. After an explanation they became good friends thought Droget is always afraid she'll blow her top and attack him which never seems to happen. Fa-La-Stu is also irritated when Droget freaks out at a soldier's death. Even though the two are friends he is one of Fa-La-Stu's prime irritators. After Krinkinko's disappearance Fa-La-Stu tried to date Droget to fill in the void in her heart with no avail and mainly visits Droget per the The Elder's request to try and soothe him.

Krinkinko the hedgehog-The two were best friends and Droget looks up to him as a role model. Even when Krinkinko did wrong thing Droget made sure to always forgive him for his mistakes The reason he joined GUN was due to Krinkinko being in it.

Odin the Snail-Droget is in love with Odin but there's a problem...she's a snail and snail is one of Droget's favorite snacks. To make sure he doesn't end up eating his crush he makes sure to never eat snails again. Though that doesn't mean Droget doesn't get a craving every once and awhile.

Banshee the hedgehog- Banshee used to be disgusted with how Droget always eats insects but then he realized Droget couldn't help it since he's a frog. Now the two are friends.

Weapons and abilities

As a frog he can jump extremely high and has a real long tongue in which he uses to stick on to things and eat food from afar. He's a very good swimmer and is expert at being under water for extremely long times. Another interesting ability he has for being a frog is that he can breathe through his skin which means he can't be choked or suffocated easily.He also can emit toxic ooze. During Krinkinko the hedgehog's story he bought an antique sword. During a year period he became a near expert swordsman. One day when he was cornered by a bunch of goons then they broke his sword. Then he obtained the Ondine due to his close connection to Krinkinko and since Krinkinko has a demon inside of him the Ondine was attracted to Droget because of his connection with Krinkinko. Now he has hypnotizing powers and control over water.


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