Driftsnow mountains 1

DriftSnow Mountains

Driftsnow mountains.== The Driftsnow mountains is a region nourth of the SOL kingdom. It's height overlaps the kingdom. Not only produces a magnificent veiw, but Also is the home of the SOL resident known as Shard the Hedgehog . It serves as great place for research and development by Shard. Although there is very few visitors due to the mountains climate and terrain.


Due to the Driftsnow mountains cold climate and almost in crossable terrain there is very few SOLian population in this region. Shard the Hedgehog who is gifted with Cryokinesis and is immune to being frozen or frostbite inhabits this area on a lower terrain area. There are tourist attractions on the lower sections made specifically for ice recreation activities such as snow boarding and skining, but amueture climbing of the mountain is often discouraged by SOL kingdom officials. There is however a small population of what appear to be animals that can survive the cold exstreme like the rare Bluebug, or the Wacky yak.

Weather and Climate

Snowstorms, flurries, and blizzards are quite frequent in the Driftsnow Mountains. the average temp is -'70 F. ' In the Summer it can warm up to below -9 F. (which is when Jared the fox travels up there to see Shard). there is allot of permafrost, Ironically on the top of the mountains exist a rare idigiounous evergreen flower called the Blue Blak, an flower that seems to thrive in cold inhospitable conditions.


Driftsnow Mountains is considered an nightmarish hazardious zone terrain wise. There is frequent avalanches on the west regions and has a straightdownard cliff. On the right region it can be safer, but is still a challlange to climb, it is very slippery and wet. Once you get to a certain hight you will find the terrain levels and is more stable. This is a region where Shard hangs out allot.

Significant areas within Location

The most known area of importance is Shard's house and lab. Shard's house is comprised of a special material which allows it to absorb the coldness without being brittle. Inside Shar'd house you will find it is cold and there is virtually no warms areas other than the guest blankets he has and some guest beds, as well as his computer he plays goes on. The fireplace is for show and is frozen. In his "closet" you will find a hidden elevator that leads you to his underground peaceful chemicle lab research complex. In the Lab Shard works tiresly and almost fanaticly to use his Knowledge of chemicles and technology to create items and things that benefit not only the SOL kingdom, but also Mobius. His lab is comprised of multiple sections:

Sublevel 1: This is where Shard keeps all his "Harmless specimes", such as frozen Blue bugs, crickits, SOL flowers, and other non threatning species for cryo study

Sublevel 2: (biochem lab): This is where Shard does research on the more potent chemicles, he uses them to make safe, stable, and useful things that can be beneficial to society. There are mutiple vents and exits, but they are classified to prevent infiltration, manily from his brother Iceheart the Hedgehog .

Sublevel 3(biochem lab #2): this is the safer biochem lab, It is used for everyday medicine, tonics, seriums, and other contained exspiriments.

Sublevel #4( Shard's collection Room): This is a personal area where Shard keeps all things he likes (mostly random frozen things), he comes down here to admire all the specims he collected and ponder on his life. It is sort of a shrine to him.

Sublevel Omega (Shard's personal Study/Library): This is Shard's favorite place, a subterrainian library that SOL donated to him for research purposes. Here he can study, learn, and put notes to his heart content. It even has a computer!

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