This is an article about Drew the Badger, a character created by Bitbyte1214.


Drew is a badger with a furry white muzzle, light pink fur, and violet eyes. Her top is chainmail armor that bears her midriff, and her arms are covered in different places with armor. Starting from her knees down, that part of the leg is protected by iron, and has leather boots on her feet.


Drew is a carefree but loyal person. She will do anything for her kingdom or anyone close to her. Drew may seem menacing at first, but she is very kind to those around her. She does have a temper, and is very dangerous when angered. She often likes to go adventuring all around the world.


Drew, as the descendant of a hero, she was born into a rich family that served Queen Flan. Drew became her daughter's, Hawthorn's, advisor and protector. Hawthorn and Drew went on many adventures, most without the queen's permission. One day, when the two left the kingdom without notifying anyone and the amazon army was taking a day off, a thief village attacked and took over the kingdom, killing the Queen in the process. Afterwards, Hawthorn and Drew, with nowhere to go, began to travel the land in search of the people who brought that misfortune to them.

Skills and Abilities

Drew is a very skilled warrior. She has practiced and mastered various abilities, such as:

  • Whipping Boy- By using this, she fully protects one ally. If an enemy targets them, Drew will receive the damage instead.
  • Whistle- Draws enemies to her and provokes them, causing them to target only her.
  • Body Slam- Attacks a single enemy by slamming the user's body against theirs, causing recoil damage.
  • Morale Masher- Attacks the enemy, destroying stat boosters (ATK Up, DEF Up, etc.)
  • Attack Attacker- Attacks one enemy, lowering their attack stat a little.
  • Dragon Slash- A skill that deals double damage against full-dragons and 1.5x damage against half-dragons.


Drew is very good at defending herself from physical attacks, but it isn't so with magical attacks. She is very weak to magical attacks, not counting fire. She is especially weak to ice attacks. She isn't very good with long-ranged weapons and can be easily hit by projectiles. She also has a weak spot for cute things.

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